– Work with the tech you want to work with. (K8s, Kustomize, Prometheus, Docker) – Work from across the world (If your timezone aligns with what we need. Really, we’ve got people close to the Arctic Circle) – We’ve worked pretty hard at creating a space for growth, learning, exploring, and autonomy – for everyone. We hire people, not machines. – We’ve developed ways to keep bias out of the interview process – No live-coding whiteboard tests. – It’s not just 8 hours of work. Host webinars. Become a thought leader. We want the world’s best Cloud-Native Engineers and we’ll do our bit to help get you there. – Benefits…we’ve got a bunch.

Why Work At Container Solutions?

What our engineers say:

  • “I’m trusted to get my work done. I don’t always work best in a 9-5 routine. I can work the hours I need to in the times that make the most sense for me and the teams I’m working with.” – Cari Liebenberg, Cloud Native Engineer

  • “It’s about the people. It’s equal. It’s human. We’re all working towards a shared goal. People listen. They want to learn.” – Lian Li, Engineering Manager

  • “CS is a consultancy that cares about you. The cool tech that CS promotes is to genuinely improve customers’ infrastructure, not just give them what they want.” – Eric Caleb, Cloud Native Engineer

  • “I like the culture and the people. The work too, there are plenty of opportunities to grow.” – Michiel Bakker, Senior Cloud Native Engineer

What is Container Solutions?

      • Container Solutions helps companies migrate to Cloud Native. Working together with our clients’ teams, we tailor and implement solutions that last, by focusing both on technical as well as organisational transformation. When companies like Google, Shell, and Adidas need help with Cloud Native, they turn to Container Solutions.

      • Our people are innovative and curious. They join us to learn, collaborate, and share their knowledge. With close to a hundred colleagues, and offices in Amsterdam, London, Berlin, Prague, Warsaw, Montreal, kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms and wherever remote working finds us, we are building an exciting future. Will you be a part of it?

      • Our biggest benefits are our people and our culture, but we know that’s not enough to get you to hit ‘Apply’. We offer a diverse work environment where people are respected for who they are and a culture based on learning, trust, and collaboration.

The role and the details

      • Previous experience and roles that equip you for this role: Full-stack engineer / DevOps Engineer / experience with containerization and Docker

      • As a Cloud Native Engineer, you’ll be in charge of shaping solutions for companies in the midst of both an organisational as well as a technological transformation. Working in small, self-managed teams, you’ll guide our clients towards creating and automating their cloud infrastructure. We are a vendor-agnostic company, meaning that you will get to apply a diverse mix of tools and services. You mostly perform work from our offices. However, sometimes cooperation with our customers requires us to travel as part of the job.

      • The role is remote within these timezones GMT-6 to GMT+3. We are looking for people who already live in these timezones.


Budget and time for learning, personal development, certifications, and contributing to open-source projects
A competitive salary (aligned with your experience)
Possibility for employee ownership and equity-based compensation
Full coverage of travel and commute
Unlimited books budget
25 days of paid leave
A pension scheme

What does it take?

We often build tailored, innovative solutions within complex and ambiguous environments. Therefore, having an inquisitive mind and the eagerness to explore is vital. On top of that, consulting with clients, which depends on asking the right questions and crafting solutions as a team, requires strong collaboration and communication skills

Must-have technical skills Background in development and/or operations
An understanding of best practices and patterns in software development
Experience with CI/CD (knowledge of the principles and ability to set up a pipeline from scratch)
Infrastructure provisioning (such as Terraform, Ansible, Cloud Formation, etc)
Experience in either public or private cloud
Understanding and exposure to Kubernetes
Nice-to-have We offer engineering roles at different levels of seniority. These are some attributes that could make you a candidate for more senior positions:
A deep and demonstrated understanding of distributed systems, including containerized microservices and highly scalable web applications
Advanced (admin-level) knowledge of Kubernetes in production
A passion for the community (attending events, advocating cloud technology via meet-ups and conferences, or writing blog posts and other pieces of content)
Coaching and mentoring junior engineers

Selection process

Stage 1:

  • CV sift based on our core requirements for this role + possible call with the recruiter
  • Abstract Reasoning Aptitude Test: you will be asked to complete online abstract reasoning aptitude tests. We will only take through the highest performers to the next stages.

Stage 2:

  • Tech Challenge: You will receive instructions for a technical assessment, which will be evaluated by one of our current engineering team members.

Stage 3:

  • Personality Profile Assessment: You will complete an online personality assessment and undertake an interview based on your profile via Google Hangouts.

Stage 4:

  • Final Behavioural and Situational Interview with two members of our engineering team.

If all goes well, we will extend you an offer to join our team! Container Solutions is proud to be committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace. Container Solutions is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, protected veteran status, disability, age, or another legally protected status. For individuals with disabilities who would like to request accommodation, please let us know.