Headquarters: Chicago, IL

URL: https://www.cloudforecast.io/

About CloudForecast 

Hello! Tony here, the CEO and co-founder of CloudForecast. Along with my technical co-founder, Francois, we’re building an ambitious, profitable, and (mostly) bootstrapped SaaS startup that helps companies eliminate wasted costs on AWS.

We started this journey in 2017, got into the TinySeed Accelerator program last year, and are ready to make our first hire on the marketing side to help us continue to grow MRR. This is an exciting time since we’ve managed to grow MRR through founder-led marketing efforts (not ideal) and with no real expertise in the marketing activities we’re executing.

In terms of our culture and what we value, we try not to take ourselves seriously and have fun building CloudForecast. We understand that we all have lives outside work and want to ensure a good work-life balance. However, that also comes with fully trusting each other, communicating well, delivering what we say, being individual contributors, and taking full ownership of initiatives from start to finish.

⛈️ We need our first hire to come ready with creative ideas, take ownership of our business like it’s their own, and run with it.
In addition, we want to ensure our personalities and work styles mesh and complement each other. That will be just as important as the sales & relationship skills you bring to the table. After all, we will talk and work with each other daily. We’re looking for good people who care deeply about the work they produce.


CloudForecast is growing! We’re looking for a highly motivated and ambitious Sales Development Representative to help us grow our business. You’ll be employee #5, which means your direct contributions will be a massive part of our growth and future (if successful).  

As the first business hire, you’ll be expected to take ownership of the outbound sales process from start to finish and sell into high-growth startups (Series-A or higher) and mid-market-sized companies.  

With us being a bootstrapped startup, this person needs to think of their role tied closely, adding more net new pipeline and scaling the business. If successful, opportunities for career development are nearly unlimited.  

Why you might be a good fit 

  • You thrive in uncertainty and the unknown as an individual contributor. We’re a small startup and need someone to execute as an individual contributor.
  • You have an ownership mentality. You can think strategically beyond your current role/day-to-day, think of ways to improve, and figure out ways to scale.  
    • We get it; not everyone wants to be an SDR and hunt for the rest of their career!
  • You love to learn new things and know where your limits are. You’re willing to ask our mentors (we have many amazing ones through TinySeed) and advisors for advice and help where needed.  
  • You’re willing to continue to figure things out and adapt even when things are not “working”. 
  • You’re quirky, relatively laidback, with a good sense of humor, and can think creatively outside of the box. 
  • You’ve been successful in a similar role that targeted developers, technical teams, and engineers at a B2B SaaS.  

Why this might not be a good fit 

  • You’re looking for a vast sales organization that reports to you within a year, similar to a hyper-growth startup. All you care about is your title rather than the work that needs to be done.  
  • You need process, meetings, management, and structure, and you have everything figured out already. Ya know, all the corporate “blah blah blah” stuff. 
  • You don’t want to wear many hats and be involved in other parts of the business.

If you made it up here and you think this can be a possible fit, continue to the bullet point stuff (qualifications, responsibilities, requirements, and experience)

Role Details 

  • Demonstrated ability as a high performer to exceed attainment, quota, and grow revenue.  
  • Experience in executing outbound activities to a technical audience (engineers, DevOps, IT, SRE) and sifting through an org chart via email, social channels, or other channels.  
  • Experience using sales prospecting tools, and other tools to help you hunt, acquire and organize prospects and opportunities.  
  • Ambitious, organized, self-starter, and analytical. Ability to work independently and take full ownership of the role.  
  • Ability to improve processes, messaging, and best practices based on data collected. You must be flexible and adaptable in a highly fast-paced tech startup environment. 
  • Comfortable with wearing many hats in a startup environment.  
  • Strong analytical and reporting skills 
  • Experience in a fast-paced startup environment.  

  • Hunt for prospects and opportunities via email, cold calling, social channels (i.e. LinkedIn), or other channels.  
  • Qualify interested prospects and arrange meetings between customers and founders.
  • Track and manage qualification processes, conversations, and notes using a CRM (email notes, call notes, deal pipeline, contacts, etc.). 
  • Learn the essential technical aspect of the AWS cost management landscape and CloudForecast to effectively communicate the product’s value and respond to any objections or other FAQs.  
  • Take complete ownership of the outbound sales process from start to finish. That means hunting for prospects and handing off qualified prospects. 
  • Collaborate with the founders to optimize and refine sales processes, messaging, ideal customer profile, audience segmentation, and other marketing resources to increase sales productivity.  
  • Assess customers’ problems related to AWS cost management and decide the best features/solutions to help solve those problems.  
  • Continue to think of ways to scale beyond your day-to-day role. We don’t want this person to be just another person that we plug into a process. We need this person to think ambitiously and have the desire to outgrow the role.  
  • Report internally to the co-founders and organization on the successes, failures, and progress.  

Requirements & Experience: 
  • Basic understanding of Amazon Web Services and/or Cloud computing
  • 1-2+ years of sales experience in a B2B SaaS company with a technical audience
  • Strong verbal and written English communication skills 
  • Organized, flexible, and adaptable in a highly fast-paced tech startup environment
  • Empathy toward users’ feedback and problems

⭐️ Bonus points (preferred, but not required!):
  • Experience in the AWS or AWS cost management space
  • Engineering/technical background 
  • AWS Certified 
  • Startup and small team experience 
  • Ability to travel a few times a year for awesome conferences like re:Invent

Perks and What we can offer

  • Flexible # of vacation days per calendar year (we’re focused on getting the job done and performance)
  • Paid time off on all major national holidays. Ramp down during the Holidays and New Years
  • Work directly with CloudForecast founders.
  • Exposure to other parts of the business and ability to shape the direction of a fast-growing.
  • Flexibility in career path and unlimited career development if successful in the role.
  • Laptop and any other tools to help you be successful.
  • Attainment and commission bonus based on performance (open to discussion)
  • Async work environment
  • Employee #5 and first business hire

Hiring Process

Interviews with co-founders:
  1. Informal Chat with Hiring Manager – 30 min
  2. Informal Chat with Tony (CEO) – 30 min
  3. Initial interview with w/ Francois (CTO) – 45 min
  4. Interview with Tony (skills, culture fit, how can you help, role, etc.) – 60 min
  5. Sales Presentation – Pitch us CloudForecast!
  6. Take home assessment
CloudForecast asks respectfully to only apply through the application form and not email/apply to them directly. Recruiters and Agencies please do not contact CloudForecast directly.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/cloudforecast-sales-development-representative-sdr