Headquarters: Utah, USA

URL: https://www.custodyxchange.com

Hi, I’m hiring someone to email people all day long, with the purpose of building website backlinks to a brand new website. We’ll train you so you know how to turn emails into backlinks, so there’s no experience required.

This job will be challenging because it’s tedious. We’re looking for someone who isn’t easily frustrated and who has a really strong work ethic. We’re looking for someone who has excellent written communication skills and would be happy communicating primarily through email day-in and day-out. Previous experience in a service industry may help, like customer service, retail or restaurants.

Our brand new website is Remote Tech Jobs: https://www.remotetechjobs.com
Remote Tech Jobs is going to be the go-to place for tech-related jobs. It’s focused on this niche because tech jobs are currently among the easiest for remote work, for both employers and employees. We launched the site a month ago, but we started working on it about a year ago, pre-covid. We’ve felt for a long time that remote work is the future.

Although it’s going to be hard work, your role is super important and will have a major impact. Here’s why:
Even though we’ve put a bunch of work into this new website, almost nobody knows about it yet. The search engines rely on websites linking to each other to determine which websites are the best. As you outreach to other websites and convince them to link to us, the search engines will come to realize that it’s a great product. And after all of your hard work, Remote Tech Jobs will become what we aspire for it to be: the go-to place for tech-related jobs. This will be because of your perseverance and hard work.

About Custody X Change:
Custody X Change is a tool for separated parents to create parenting schedules and plans, securely message each other, schedule activities, share expenses, and more. We’ve been a fully-remote company since 2015 and we’ve loved the flexibility and the benefits that come from remote work. Custody X Change is profitable and paying for all the costs for Remote Tech Jobs until RTJ is profitable by itself, so you’ll be under the umbrella of this main company.

I’d like to hire you if you:
  • Have excellent written English skills
  • Have a strong work ethic and can sit at a computer all day sending emails
  • Want to work from home in a long-term, full-time position
  • And we get along; to see the team you’ll be joining, visit our about us page

The starting salary is $10-$12 per hour, or the equivalent in your local currency. Apply if you’re passionate about remote work and want to help others discover the amazing benefits of working remotely.

To apply, email me at [email protected], and:
  • Include your resume in PDF format
  • Somehow use the word “bean” in the subject of your email
  • Answer the following 3 questions in your email, in this order:
  1. Where do you live and what’s your city like? (25-50 words)
  2. Why would you do a great job? (150-300 words)
  3. How do you feel about the starting salary? (25-50 words)


P.S. We want everyone working here to be happy. For the most part, you can set your own hours. You’ll be evaluated on results, nothing else.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/custody-x-change-email-outreach-no-experience-req-d-fluent-english