Headquarters: Utah, USA

URL: https://www.custodyxchange.com

I’m hiring an experienced SEO professional to help grow both a new business and our established business, through three main tasks.

1. Link outreach for a brand new website, Remote Tech Jobs

This website has zero links currently, but lots of opportunity. Link outreach would use the job board itself as the linkable asset. There are a lot of possible link targets, such as competitive analysis (various round-ups and other job board mentions) and programming-specific sites (we have pages for each technology). I’m sure you’ll be able to discuss other methods as well.

2. Content strategy for Remote Tech Jobs
There’s currently no content on the job board, just the product itself. You’ll get to decide on the high-level content strategy: what major topics, types of content, publishing frequency, etc. You’ll also get to decide on the high-level content details, such as the titles for the articles that need to be written.

We already have an editorial and writing team in place, so the content itself will go through our current team. However, we’re also hiring additional writers so that we won’t slow down our current projects with CXC to help with the job board.

3. Content strategy for Custody X Change
Our main website is ready for a new dose of content strategy. We have a major project we’re working on that’s research intensive, and it will continue. However, we’d like to expand the content we’re creating. Your role here will be similar to the job board: high level strategy and titles based on keyword research.

About Remote Tech Jobs:
Remote Tech Jobs is going to be the go-to place for tech-related jobs. It’s focused on this niche because tech jobs are currently among the easiest for remote work, for both employers and employees. We launched the site last month, but began work on it about a year ago, pre-covid. We’ve felt for a long time that remote work is the future.

The work we’ve done so far on the product and the user interface makes it an easy platform to hire and to get hired. It will also make it easier to get links.

About Custody X Change: 
Custody X Change is a tool for separated parents to create parenting schedules and plans, securely message each other, schedule activities, share expenses, and more. We’ve been a fully-remote company since 2015 and we’ve loved the flexibility and the benefits that come from remote work.

I’d like to hire you if you:
  • Use white-hat outreach methods to get authoritative links
  • Have excellent written and verbal English skills
  • Are experienced with content strategy and keyword research
  • Want to work from home in a long-term, full-time position
  • And we get along; to see the team you’ll be joining, visit our about us page

The starting salary is $18-$20 per hour, depending on experience, or the equivalent in your local currency. Apply if you’re passionate about remote work and SEO, and want to help others discover the amazing benefits of working remotely.

To apply, email me at [email protected], and:
  • Include your resume in PDF format
  • Somehow use the word “apple” in the subject of your email
  • Answer the following 4 questions in your email, in this order:
  1. Where do you live and what’s your city like? (25-50 words)
  2. What are your three favorite methods to acquire links, and why? For each method, also show and explain a link you acquired using that method. (100-200 words)
  3. How do you approach content strategy? (50-100 words)
  4. How do you feel about the starting salary? (25-50 words)
Note: previous SEO agency experience is great, but SEO agencies need not apply.


P.S. We want everyone working here to be happy. For the most part, you can set your own hours. You’ll be evaluated on results, nothing else.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/custody-x-change-seo-professional-link-outreach-content-strategy