🧩 Why Join Us
User Interviews is a fully remote team and always has been. We are proactive about staying connected to each other despite not sharing the same physical space. Remote culture is real and we care about it—a lot. 

We’re a team of doers. You’ll be fully supported by your manager and team, but there won’t be anyone peering over your shoulder. You’ll be expected and trusted to take ownership of your work, and to communicate clearly and transparently with your distributed teammates. 

On a related note, we’re very pro-feedback. From our users, of course. But also from each other. From individual contributors right up to the CEO, this is a team that is genuinely committed to continuous improvement. 

🤠 About User Interviews
At User Interviews, we believe that the best companies in the world consistently deliver products and experiences that their customers love. We also believe that the only way to consistently build those products and experiences is to talk to your customers. Watch what they do. Understand why they do what they do. Figure out why they do things that seem irrational. And once you’ve done that once, do it again. Start having constant conversations. In short, make customers your #1 priority through user research.  

That’s why we exist. We help teams set up those conversations, that research, allowing them to discover and embrace user insights. We specialize in participant recruitment and management because you cannot do good research without good participants, no matter how good your other tools may be. We work with hundreds of companies every month, including user-centric organizations like Atlassian, Amazon, and Spotify.


⭐️ About Customer Success
We’re looking to bring on an entrepreneurial, analytical, and relationship-obsessed Customer Success Manager. You’ll work with our Director of Customer Success to continue building systems that support our growing number of 1000+ subscription customers. You’ll manage a segment of our post-sale relationships from onboarding through renewal hand-off. You’ll be responsible for building trusted and collaborative relationships with our customers, and driving widespread adoption of User Interviews products at scale. By developing and delivering best-in-class 1-to-1 and 1-to-many customer engagements, you’ll drive increased business value and product adoption across your book of business. 


💡 Responsibilities
• Develop and deliver content and programs to facilitate User Interviews’ customer adoption and reduce churn at scale
• Onboard and activate new customers, and ensure they derive maximum value from their investment in our platform, utilizing key features and products
• Cultivate long-term relationships with customers in your book of business, establishing multiple champions and advocates
• Proactively monitor customer usage data, health scores, and lifecycle milestones to inform tailored success initiatives
• Quickly identify risks to customer retention and employ strategies to remove roadblocks and deliver success
• Manage and optimize the utilization of our customer success tools, including but not limited to: Vitally, Salesforce, and Mode
• Act as a customer advocate, conveying valuable feedback and insights to the User Interviews Product team and the broader organization
• Represent User Interviews as a domain and product expert in all customer interactions
• Collaborate with the Sales team to target and support expansion opportunities


🚀 What Success Looks Like
• Independently managing your portfolio while also being a team contributor
• Being able to articulate the goals and needs of your book of business
• Successfully onboarding new customers and driving continuous adoption of our platform
• Supporting the achievement of team and divisional OKRs
• Supporting cross-departmental collaboration
• Demonstrating strong problem-solving skills
• Staying agile and curious 

🧩 Qualifications
• 2-5 years of SaaS Customer Success experience
• Proven ability to comprehend complex concepts and convey them effectively, tailoring communication to different audience levels
• Entrepreneurial, analytical, and an adept facilitator of action-oriented meetings
• Strong prioritization, multitasking, and performance under pressure
• Proficient in critical analysis and deep-level thinking
• Skilled at collaborating with teams of all sizes and as a self-driven individual
• Exceptional relationship-building capabilities, fostering strong connections with internal stakeholders
• Proficiency in tools like Slack, Notion, Google Product Suite (Calendar, Slides, Sheets, Sites), and other SaaS products
• Excited about being remote
• Think companies should be obsessed with their customers!


🤑 Benefits
• Competitive pay: $80k – $95k OTE (DOE)
• 100% premium covered medical + dental employee coverage
• Annual membership to One Medical Group & Talkspace
• 401k + employer contribution
• Four weeks of PTO to start + accrue an additional day per year of employment
• Unlimited wellness days – Sick? Doctors appointment? Mental health day? We’ve got you covered.
• Flexible, paid parental leave
• Stock options for every employee
• $250 Office Setup Budget
• $50 Work From Home Stipend
• Performance-based incentive plans
• Awards for 360-degree recognition, work anniversaries, & birthdays

💚 We embrace what makes you, you!
We are committed to accessibility, equity, diversity, and inclusion. We build products for and welcome participants, researchers, and employees from a diverse set of backgrounds. These backgrounds include—but are not limited to—varied socioeconomic status, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religion, race, ethnicity, age, neurodivergence, disability, and citizenship. As we grow, we are aware that this work is continuous. We will not settle for how things are, but rather strive for how they could be.