### We are looking for a person who * has a hands on experience developing data processing, enrichment, transformation, and integration solutions* has practical experience with data scrapping and approached on how to automate and scale these jobs* idealy also has experience with ML and Statistical Analysis and building Prediction Models### We need someone who is fluent or at least confident with:* go* python* sql * kafka* redis### You should also have some experience with* elasticsearch and elasticsearch DSL* helm * k8s### Nice-to-haves:* clickhouse * scala * spark * jenkins * luigi * NATS### In Agenteur you will:* Collect, Analyze and Interpret results, through a large amount of data* Develop pipelines and ETL tasks in order to facilitate the extraction of insights from data* Build, maintain, and scale data pipelines that empower Agenteur product.* Establish data architecture processes and practices that can be scheduled, automated, replicated and serve as standards for other teams to leverage.*It is important you being able to maintain a minimum of 4 hours overlap with our team (UTC+3). Ideally from 7AM to 11 AM UTC time*