We are looking for a dynamic Community Manager to lead SignalWire in developer engagement and education. Your job will be to keep your finger on the pulse of the developers who know and use our products, understanding what is working and where we can improve. You have excellent communication and people skills and will use them daily responding to members and participating in discussions. You will be an essential participant in our communities, no matter where they gather etc. You should have experience working with developer communities and an understanding of how they think, what appeals to them, and what drives them to be involved. You also need to be data-driven so you can track, aggregate, and present what you learn so we can formulate a strategy to increase engagement.


  • Create and manage the online developer community content strategy, delivering diverse content that engages and educates our members.
  • Build, engage and nurture the SignalWire community via social media, forums, live streams, meetups, StackOverflow, Reddit – be where the community already is and create new spaces too
  • Be the go-to community person, moderating content, answering member questions and getting to know the groups and individual participants
  • Be the voice of the community, measuring progress, tracking KPIs, and providing regular insights gained via consistent, actionable reporting
  • Analyze large amounts of information to discover trends and patterns among developers in the community
  • Present information for the team to understand engagement from developers
  • Propose solutions and strategies to address challenges that are revealed during analysis