Hiring Epic Executive Assistants (remote)

We are looking for experienced Executive Assistants to work with high-level entrepreneurs and business owners in US Time zones.

Atlas Assistants helps entrepreneurs and their teams do more of the work they love by finding perfect assistants to support them in their life and business.

We aim to completely optimize all aspects of an entrepreneur’s life (email, calendar, travel) and streamline the seemingly mundane business processes (invoicing, payment collection, etc).

We take ordinary tasks and processes and strategize how they can be done better, more effectively.

We are on a mission to transform 1 million hours of work, so you have the time to do more of what you love:

→ Do more of the work they need to do but don’t have time for

→ Work less, and take the space to enjoy life more

→ Spending quality time with family

→ Working on themselves

At Atlas, you’ll be exposed to all different aspects of business in various industries, where you’ll learn something new every day. We are dedicated to learning, growing, and developing world-class assistants.

🔥As an Atlas Assistants EA, you’ll be matched  with companies to help the business owner stay organized and prioritize, so they can focus on growing the business.

We are CONSTANTLY hiring more and more executive assistants (roughly 5-10+ a month) as we get closer and closer to our 1 million transformed hours goal..

You need to be an absolute rockstar with a proven track record of being able to lead, manage, and work with an entrepreneur.

We want to help you find your next “business home” where you are so aligned to the mission and vision of the company you are excited to show up to work.

Sound like you?  Fill out the APPLICATION FORM for the position at the bottom of the page.

👉What you can expect from your day to day:

  • Handle client communication, email follow-ups, and sort the executive’s email inbox

  • Manage calendar, double bookings, and all scheduling and rescheduling

  • Prioritize tasks & help the CEO work more efficiently

  • Think critically in order to foresee future administrative tasks which the executive team will need to do and proactively complete those tasks

  • Establish clear and specific timelines for the completion of tasks to ensure that all deadlines can be met

  • Coordinate the CEO’s travel arrangements

  • Effectively organize, track and communicate with the team about all future, ongoing and completed tasks (help with accountability)

  • Provide end-of-day reports (differs based on business) to the owner and the team

  • Special projects – things that come up that will distract the executive. Projects might include:

    • Put together job descriptions for video editors

    • Manage content calendars for posting

    • Review social media videos

    • Help out with building out new training for EAs

    • Create new onboarding materials for new hires

    • Organizing and cleaning up spreadsheets and presentations

  • Do any other EA tasks as needed

👉About you:

To be a successful candidate, you need:

  • Experience as an Executive Assistant or experience with managing other people in an operational capacity.

  • Experience working with a CEO that has run at least a seven-figure company or multiple companies.

  • Experience with marketing and operational KPIs. 

    • You must have experience reporting on KPIs working with various team members

    • understanding why the company is tracking them and the overall impact on the business. 

    • Experience working with data dashboards 

  • Experience building and optimizing SOPs.

  • Experience within a fast-growing environment and willingness to work in a company where things are rapidly changing – one day is not like the next!

  • Understanding of organizational structure and charts, and how larger companies work (the company is now at 20 employees and growing!).

  • Ability to handle A LOT of feedback at a relatively fast pace, with the eagerness to thrive and really get there.

  • Self-starter attitude with a willingness to solve problems independently.

  • Experience working with GSuite. (Docs, sheets, slides, etc)

  • High attention to detail, OCD is celebrated here! (The secret code for this application is TP204.)

  • Tech Savviness – Capacity to learn new technologies

  • Experience working with various project management tools such as Clickup or Asana 

BONUS if you have:

  • Experience with organic social media management.

  • Understanding of Social Media Platforms (TikTok, Instagram).

  • Experience with click funnels, Active Campaign, YouTube management, or experience working with influencers.

Does this role sound like you? If so, we welcome you to apply!

👉What’s in it for you?

Here are the benefits:

  • $7 – $20* per hour (negotiable based on past experience)

  • Full-time or part-time

  • Fully remote

  • Potential to advance to the Chief of Staff/Operations Manager

  • Salary increases based on performance

🔥We will support you each step of the way… 

  • During the onboarding process, you’ll access our EA training program, where you’ll learn our best practices and receive consistent feedback to help you improve. You’ll have our full support until you are comfortable with taking on more tasks and working on your own 🙂

  • This can be a full-time or a part-time role, with some flexibility when it comes to working hours, which means you can arrange your own schedule with the CEO.

  • This role comes with tons of opportunities for growth, both personally and professionally. EAs are often the most promoted role in the organization, our intention is to help you with your professional development to get there. 

  • We host mentorship calls every 2 weeks where you will meet and grow with our other EAs, and learn new skills. We teach new ways to support your clients, new tech, trends, and receive coaching on things you are facing in your world. Recent topics have included: Self care for the EA, how to leverage Canva, Zapier, and how to help your client manage their calendar with their priorities and top goals. 

  • You’ll have access to our  dedicated team of support you can reach out to any time you need help on the job. 

*Please note that this is a contract position and that you are responsible for any tax-related procedures in your country of residence. We kindly ask you to apply only if you are happy to work remotely as an independent contractor.

We encourage transparent communication and have an open culture of feedback!

Atlas CORE Values are:

✅ 100% Responsibility

✅ Integrity

✅ Growth

✅ Courageous Communication

✅ Master & Mentor

Proactive Resourcefulness

✅ 100% Responsibility: Take ownership over what is yours, and do not place blame on others. You see everything through that you have committed to. Respect the point of view of your team mates, and remember that we are working towards the same common goal. We don’t play the blame game here!

✅ Integrity: The goal is to be in integrity 80% of the time. Honor your commitments. Be truthful to both yourself and others. 

✅ Growth: Growth over comfort, 100% of the time. When you start to choose comfort, you will naturally plateau in life. Seek growth with intention, and commit to living every day better than the last. 

✅ Courageous Conversations: Giving hard feedback, having hard conversations, and speaking up when we are scared is uncomfortable, but necessary for growth. 

✅ Master/ Mentor: At our core, we need to make the effort to become masters at our own craft to truly help others. 

✅ Proactive Resourcefulness: Don’t wait for validation to solve a problem you’ve identified. Help your team and speak up when you see something that needs to be done. 

👉This is our Application form, as the first step in our recruitment process:


You can stop it anytime and continue at your own pace, and we will receive your answers automatically.

Please note, we have a very robust application process. Each step has been thought out with a great deal of intention. We are processing roughly 100-200+ applications PER week and our goal is to make sure we find the best candidates and find them their next business home!

We look forward to hearing from you!

All the best!

Aleksandra Kovačević

Lead Recruiter

Atlas Assistants