Headquarters: Barcelona, Spain

URL: https://flyingcatmarketing.com

Hey there! We’re an SEO agency looking for someone to own organic growth for a selection of clients. Most of our clients are B2B SaaS companies in hypergrowth, most in martech, salestech and hospitality tech. We hold ourselves fully accountable for our client’s organic growth, and we’re looking for someone with mean SEO skills who has a proven track record of organically growing websites.
We’re looking for someone autonomous, who takes ownership, and who deeply cares about their clients and results. We’re a tight team and heavily process-driven. 


 As SEO growth strategist, you will be held accountable for:
  • Clients achieving 5-20% MoM growth in traffic (depending on website size)
  • Clients achieving 1-year payback in their SEO investment
  • Average CTR
  • Average position being 9 or less
  • Website visitor to trial/demo conversion rate
  • Demo/trial to paying customer conversion rate

Our values are:
  • ✅ Extreme ownership: hold yourself and others accountable for doing the best work.
  • Purpose & process: everything gets a process, and everyone who follows it knows why it’s there.
  • Always be kind and respectful: there is never, ever a good reason to be rude or condescending, even if you’re joking.
  • Provide and acknowledge value: help everyone around you and acknowledge those that help you.
  • Low ego & radical candor: work to get the best results, not to get praise. Provide and accept honest feedback while also showing compassion and celebrating achievements.

Hiring Process
 We respect your time and try to keep this process as simple as we can. Here’s how it will go:
  1. Application received
  2. Interview with ops manager
  3. Interview with Head of SEO/CEO
  4. Short test task
  5. Hired or not!
Job title: SEO Growth Strategist, Full-Time
  • $40k-$50k/year, depending on experience.
  • Profit sharing.
  • Oliva mental health provision
  • Coworking space stipend
  • Unlimited PTO
Job role:  You’ll be responsible for making clients profitable from their investment with us.  You’ll design and manage the SEO strategies that help them grow traffic in a scalable way based on the budget they have. You’ll work with the client account/project manager, editor and team of writers to deliver success to the client. (It is me you seek).

Not a 9-5, not a one-off job: This isn’t a conventional 9-5. You work your own hours. But you will be an integral part of the team. We’re a fast-growing agency and operate like a startup. There are constantly new things happening and you’ll be encouraged to come up with new solutions to share with the team and improve on our processes. 
Training: You’ll have a bunch of onboarding materials that will guide you to do your job and you’ll work directly with the CEO to help share her vision. We currently have a team of 2 in-house strategists and a few freelance strategists. We build playbooks for everything we do and use them for our work.

If this job is for you, you:
  • Live and breathe SEO—you have a successful track record.
  • Are curious, you ask questions, you seek empathy, and believe in the power of branding.
  • Are invested in your growth and ongoing improvement as an SEO.
  • Are not afraid to be creative, come up with solutions, and make executive decisions.
  • Work well under pressure—I don’t mean we’re gonna try to break you or forget that you’re human—but we do work in a fast-paced environment, and we need you not to be prone to getting easily over-stressed.
  • Keep up to date with the latest digital marketing trends. 
  • Confidence, self-motivation, and communication skills matter.
  • Not to be cliché, but you have to be an out-of-the-box thinker. Don’t just take what we have for granted and as the only options available. You dig deeper than the obvious.
  • Are patient and good at giving feedback but also firm enough to make sure your directions get followed. Sometimes writers need to be milked and nurtured, especially when they just start with us. You have to guide them to the light. 
  • Are dedicated to results over everything. You will be held accountable for delivering results to our clients (with our support).
  • Can find a solution for different goals: conversions, traffic, brand awareness. Don’t be stuck to a single way of doing things.
  • Can practice self-care and set boundaries, and you can analyze a situation before reacting.
  • Are very friendly and don’t mind being client-facing. So you also have to not mind getting on video calls with clients, sometimes on a regular basis.
  • The code phrase is in the job role section in parenthesis. 
Required: You need to be registered as a freelancer in your country of tax residence.
Experience that will really help you get you noticed but isn’t necessarily required:
  • You’re super active on LinkedIn or have a personal brand.
  • Coding experience/knowledge
  • Off-page outreach experience/network

  • Hitting client’s SEO KPIs and making sure they get ROI from their investment with Flying Cat
  • Creating SEO strategies and writing the briefs for the editorial team
  • Optimizing existing pages to improve search rankings and increase conversions.
  • Having meetings with the client to ensure the strategy matches their specific goals.
  • Creating monthly reports that detail the performance of our efforts, and diagnose issues that we find.
  • Forming SEO strategies to dominate all stages of a funnel.

This is right for you if you’re:
  • Know SEO better than any other channel.
  • A hungry marketer and obsessed with experimenting and improving.
  • Analytics-minded: you can take data and draw insights from it and deliver reports.
  • Not afraid of making strategic and creative decisions that make an impact.
  • Not afraid of communicating your vision through video and strong communication.
  • Extremely empathetic: you are a very good listener and give space to people to talk and be heard.
  • Detective-like: you can ask the right questions, dig deeper, and figure out what people really mean and what information is important.
  • Not afraid of getting your hands dirty and doing creative research to find the right angle.

These are the tools you’ll be using with us at Flying Cat:
  • Google Docs
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Clearscope
  • Ahrefs
  • ClickUp – we manage the whole business in ClickUp
  • Loom
  • Slack
  • WordPress

Job details:
  • Fully remote
  • Full-time.
  • Applicant must be a fluent English speaker with excellent writing skills.
  • We are open to US or EU time zones.

  • Fast-growing company with awesome people who care about quality.
  • Fully remote.
  • Lots of support.
  • Oliva mental health support
  • Coworking space monthly stipend
  • Profit share
  • Huge potential for growth and carving your own place in the company.
  • Directly see your impact on our clients.
  • Creative freedom.

To Apply:
In the application, we’ll ask you to upload a video. Please use Loom to record a 2-3 minute video answering the following:
  • Introduce yourself!
  • What’s your biggest SEO achievement to date?
  • What attracts you to Flying Cat Marketing?
  • What sectors do you specialize in?
 Here’s the link to the application: https://bit.ly/3DocKZq

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/flying-cat-marketing-seo-growth-strategist