Doughnut is the online freelancer community and digital co-working space that helps you meet other freelancers, learn from each other, and build relationships with each other. With market analysis for freelancers, you’ll always be ahead of the curve in determining which skills are highest in demand and how much other freelancers are charging for similar skills

Doughnut is seeking talented content writers to craft interesting and engaging articles as well as blog posts on a variety of topics. We offer competitive pay – $20 per 100 words, equating to approximately $100 for an article or the equivalent rate of $50 hourly. Our primary focus will be freelancing; however there may be other areas which require writing expertise (but don’t worry, you can choose not to take assignments if they are out of your comfort zone). If you have specialized skills in certain subject matters please let us know!

Successful applicants must have an excellent command of word processing programs like Microsoft Word or Open Office, as well as a reliable internet connection and the capacity to meet deadlines. An essential part of working with our content management and editorial teams is strong communication skills, including being able to promptly address inquiries from staff members when required. Our ideal candidate will also possess good teamwork abilities so that all projects can be completed in harmonious collaboration.