Building the next big thing:
Just as Netflix leverages algorithms to match us with personalized recommendations for film, as Spotify does for music and as does Amazon for shopping; The Room will use thousands of data points to catalog the capabilities, passions, and aspirations of the world’s top talent; and use this insight to match this talent to each other and to opportunities that can accelerate their impact. We have plans to scale to 10-15 million members in the next few years!

The mission of the Technology Team is to build the technology platform that will enable us to connect our talent to opportunities at scale when we reach our community of 10M members from across the world.

As a Full Stack Developer within the Tech Team, your role will be to support in building a world-class technology platform to enable us to meet our goal of connecting talent to opportunities at scale. You will design, create and build tech that will serve the needs of both our internal (staff) and external (top talent) customers.

More specifically, your role will be to:-

  • To design and develop software applications
  • To perform technical design reviews and code reviews
  • To be responsible for prototyping, developing, and troubleshooting software
  • To perform peer reviews on source code to ensure reuse, scalability, and the use of best practices
  • To participate in collaborative technical discussions that focus on software user experience, design, architecture, and development