We’re not your typical software company. Helpjuice is a fast-growing software company that empowers 5,000+ large and small companies. We’re a team with a passion for solving the problem of how organizations share knowledge.

We do this by building truly great products & delivering out-of-this-world customer service.

How we work?

  • We don’t do daily meetings
  • We don’t do scrum.
  • We don’t want you working more than 40 hours a week.
  • We believe in employee autonomy.
  • We work in small teams, and make decisions quickly without dwelling and over-analyzing – great decisions usually are no brainers.
  • We believe in very high standards, and everyone holds up to it, and as a result, we are able to accomplish a lot with less (time/people/energy/meetings).

While this may seem radical to how many companies work, it works really well for us. We have very high customer satisfaction, superb code, and great test coverage.

The position you’re applying to, Full Stack Developer, is one of our most important ones, as our developers also make a lot of product, scale/optimization decisions, so we hold every candidate to a high standard.

Who We’re Looking For:

  • You want to learn from a founder who has launched multiple companies and see a job not just as a way to write code and get paid for it, but as a great learning opportunity
  • You value a team that works both hard and smart – who are obsessed with helping customers and honing their craft more than anything
  • You actually want to love your job, the people you work with and the software you help create, instead of simply tolerating them
  • You know, like and agree with some of the views shared by the Basecamp guy


We’re working on a very challenging product, with thousands of competitors, and yet we’re amongst the top solutions that people choose to work with. Every day, we’re challenged by our very well-funded competitors to push our product to the next level and deliver a better experience for our customers.

We’re a small team doing very cool things, with thousands of customers that absolutely love us, and as a result are able to also provide benefits such as:

  • Flexible working hours. We believe work shouldn’t dictate your life, so we let you work when you’re cool with it, but we do expect you to be online somewhere around the timeline of 8am- 7pm EUROPE Timezone for our EUROPE Support.
  • Remote. Work in your underwear, or from a coffee shop, or from the south of Spain. We’re cool with whatever, as long as you’re having fun & working.
  • Paid-for company vacations. This ain’t your average company. We like to make sure everyone’s having an amazing time, while creating the next generation of customer support software. As a result, every 6 months, we offer a all-paid-for company retreat to some pretty nice locations (past ones included Bali, Morocco, Portugal).
  • 1-month Paid Vacation.
  • Challenging & Rewarding. We’re in a very competitive market, and we’re able to win a lot of our competitors customers, simply by having a better product & customer experience. This tradition is really able to exist because we have a very strong team.

Skills & Requirements

A Bit About You (As A Person)

  • You’d Rate Your English As Very Fluent
  • You’re a learning machine, and consider it part of your many hobbies
  • You are honest, work hard work immensely and have integrity
  • You have hobbies outside of work
  • You’d love to join a team full of creative & smart people you’ll learn from
  • You are not looking for another job, but a career.

A Bit About Your Background (Tech)

  • You have 5+ years working extensively in Rails and believe can solve tasks quicker than most
  • You work well with frontend developers and have a good understanding of the relationship between engineers and product managers
  • You have been part of a remote team before / have freelanced for at least 2 years

In terms of our tech stack, here’s the what you’ll need excellent familiarity with to be a great fit:

  • Ruby on Rails (6.0+)
  • Postgres (9+)
  • SCSS
  • Heroku