High-quality labeled data is essential for machine-learning models in the real world. One of the most valuable kinds of data today is in the financial sector. Financial data plays a key role across many industry verticals. However, it has notoriously been locked behind regulatory barriers and a lack of format standards. Our API enables the next generation of financial services, from real-time underwriting to personal finance management and beyond.We are looking for a head of data labeling to scale Ntropy’s data pipeline and help our models reach super-human performance. You will work closely with both external and internal data labellers, as well as our ML engineering team.The ideal person has previously worked with machine-learning and data pipelines, has regularly interacted with commercial customers and partners, has an extreme attention to detail and can concisely communicate complex concepts.A more detailed work description is available here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Y0QbnvYPV82C_JeLM1Z3DcWtzzz5P6t-bNmtzpGZsUs/editWe – are allergic to over-engineering. – are anarchists at heart and like to hack around the status quo. – are radically honest and appreciate challenging one another, rather than giving out “pats on the back”. Yet, we can always rely on each other for support, feedback and results. – are willing to learn and adapt quickly to new situations and requirements. Languages, frameworks, libraries, compilers, etc. are just tools for a job. A new problem might need a new tool. If it doesn’t exist yet, we will build it. – have a sense of humor (well, we think we do).The following is a big plus  – passion for machine-learning models in a real-world environments – past experience with the fintech industry and natural-language data – excellent proficiency in English and other languages (Spanish, Portuguese, French, etc.)FAQWhat if I recommend someone who ends up getting hired?We will give you 20k USD for the referral.Where is Ntropy located?We are fully remote, with a virtual base in New York, US.What time-zones do you work with?We hire anywhere in the time zones GMT-7 to GMT+1.Do you consider part-time work?Not at the moment. Full-time roles only.How are you funded?We are backed by some of the top fintech investors in the world. Have raised single-digit millions of dollars so far. Can share more details over the call.Do you already have a product?Currently in beta with 20+ customers.Do you plan to sell customer data?Ntropy is on a mission to enable products without data barriers. We will never sell customer data and will always put privacy and customer benefit ahead of any auxiliary financial gains.What is the interview process like?Send us problems you have solved before and how. Please send as much details as possible, including code and algorithms if relevant.We will then do a video call to kick things off.Above all, we respect your time and commitment and will keep you up to speed on where we are at during the whole process.What are your hiring plans?We aim to be 22-25 people in the next 6 months. Mostly engineering roles.Work / life balance?We are a startup which requires you to put in a lot more work and soul than a regular job. It will require long hours and sacrificing your free time. We believe, however, that nothing easy is worth doing. We will expect a lot from you, and you should expect a lot from us.What is the compensation?$90k – $110k • 0.05% – 0.2%