Illustrator | Seedworld
Seedify Meta Studios is looking for a talented, creative, and collaborative Illustrator to join our core team developing high-quality and eye-catching illustrations for one of the biggest Metaverse projects ever Seedworld.
The ideal candidate will focus on creating stunning and beautiful asset designs, environments, or characters in accordance with the project's aesthetic.
Create key illustrations for the game Marketing team that communicate story through evocative, dynamic compositions with a strong sense of rendering
Collaborate with game department to help capture the personality and sense of story in various illustrations; from splash images to social media promotional events
Give and receive extensive feedback
Collaborate with Seedworld Concept Art team
Create promotional art for various projects and events on as-needed basis
Required Qualifications:
Full time remote position
Experience with Photoshop and other creative software
Desired Qualifications:
Strong fundamentals in proportions, anatomy, materials, color usage, lighting, areas of detail and areas of rest
Ability to showcase story and portray personality through design
Experience with dynamic compositions, compelling silhouettes, and creative use of camera angles