Headquarters: London

URL: https://youtube.com/keshavbx

Hi! I’m a Youtube Content Creator with ~ 75,000 subs and I’m looking for a talented and ambitious video editor to join my team and help edit 15-30 YouTube shorts for my channel (also to be posted on TikTok & IG Reels).

What are my videos about?

I produce transformative leadership & wellbeing content which is entertaining, educational and practical. From topics like mental health, anxiety, leadership, break ups, grief etc – anything that helps an individual to live a life of critical thinking and positive development towards greater impact.

Why do I make them?

Accessing high quality personal development & leadership content is often expensive, or not really backed up by reputable sources & scientific consensus. I’m aiming to dispel common myths, and share these ideas in a simple and clear way so that anyone, anywhere, can access these ideas for free.

Example video:

Here’s my most recent short. I’m looking for someone as good, and better than this level of production! You might notice it follows a very similar pattern – loads of shorts look like this – and for good reason, as they hold retention really well.  But I want to find someone who understands the principles behind audience retention so we can create our own unique look & innovative formula for videos.

This is your chance to be part of something truly impactful that changes people’s lives for the better.

Job Specification:

To succeed in this role:

  • You understand both Premiere Pro and After Effects and have a strong motion graphics and design background (not just simple editing)
  • You have edited videos for YouTube successfully and you can get high retention on these videos. You know what things like “session time” “avg view duration” etc mean
  • You appreciate nuanced sound design and selecting the best music gives you a silly amount of satisfaction
  • You don’t need to be given the same feedback multiple times, you pay attention to revision rounds so that everybody’s time is respected (including yours)
  • You are adept at creating custom after-effects animations that bring ideas to life on screen
  • You’re an excellent communicator who clarifies instructions and deadlines proactively so that your team can succeed.
  • You’re results-oriented and care about integrating feedback to improving your craft with each video
  • You think ahead as a team player – I don’t need to tell/ask/share ideas with you. You actually give an F about this mission and you will do what it takes to help make videos incredible
  • You understand videos aren’t about fancy tricks and effects, but about storytelling and building suspense/anticipation

How to Apply for this Role:
  • If you’re interested, submit your application via the google form below, I will review your portfolio and reach out to you via email. The secret code word is samosa
  • I’ll assign a trial assignment (very short <60-second video) that is similar to the one above, to evaluate your editing, animation, and communication skills
  • If you meet the editing style I’m looking for, I will extend our offer and start giving you your first projects. I already have 10-20 videos ready and waiting to be edited.

Click here to start your application: https://forms.gle/XQWYMoa39hkn4Aqu7

Got more questions? Drop me an email at: support@keshavbhatt.com 

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/inner-compass-ltd-youtube-tiktok-shorts-video-editor