Headquarters: Columbus, Ohio

URL: https://www.lemonpie.fm/

The Basics

Lemonpie is a full-service podcast PR company that specializes in securing our client’s guest interviews on podcasts that are already speaking to their target audience. 

We’re also not your standard PR firm. We guarantee our results & never, ever, take the “spray & pray” approach. 

Our team is the very best at what they do and we may or may not be having a bit too much fun building this thing together. 

  • Founded: 2016 
  • Employees: 10 (a small team doing big things) 
  • Growth: Last year alone, our revenue doubled & clientele grew by over 30% ● Location: Fully distributed 
  • Brands we’ve worked with: HubSpot, FreshBooks, Four Sigmatic, Doist

  • Primary purpose: Conduct outreach for client Podcast Tours 
  • Schedule: Full-time & flexible 
  • Location: Fully remote, live & work anywhere within the U.S. 
  • Time off: Unlimited PTO with a mandatory 3 weeks off per year (not including the ~15 holidays we’re closed for throughout the year) 
  • Other cool perks: An additional $1200/year remote work stipend, a generous parental leave policy, team performance bonuses, and an achievable growth trajectory for every role within the company. Oh, and we’re awesome. 

The Team 

We feel it’s crucial to understand the part you play in any team you join, as well as the other roles within it. 

With that in mind, here’s how our Public Relations team (which we call our Talent Relations team internally, so don’t let our LI profiles confuse you!) is structured:

  • Head of Public Relations – Reports to the CEO. Leads the entire PR team, including each role listed below, and is responsible for all overarching team strategies, processes, metrics, etc. Also the only role in which there will only ever be one person occupying. All other PR team roles will multiply as we grow. 

    • Meet Arlie. Her smile is almost as big as her work ethic. 
  • Public Relations Director – Reports to the Head of Public Relations. Oversees up to 4 Public Relations Managers, 1 Public Relations Associate, and 2 Scheduling Coordinators, while aiding in client strategy & reporting. 

    • Meet Olivia. Her perfect hair doesn’t hold a candle to her PR expertise. 
  • Public Relations Manager – Reports to the Public Relations Director. Primary person responsible for 4-5 client accounts with support from the PRD for strategy, the PRA for pitching, and the Scheduling Coordinator for scheduling & prep material. 

    • Meet Adrienne. Known for sharing the best TikTok’s & her world-class follow-ups. 
  • Public Relations Associate (this could be you!) – Reports to the Public Relations Director. Aids in pitching efforts for up to 16 clients as needed. 

    • Meet Danielle. Pickleball pro & pitching master extraordinaire. 
  • Scheduling Coordinator – Reports to the Public Relations Director. Schedules bookings & creates prep material for up to 8 clients. 

    • Meet Tiffany. Animal lover (especially otters) & professional napper. 
    • Meet Ashley. Proud model of anything leopard & future Iron Chef contestant. 
  • Client Experience Manager – Reports to the Head of Public Relations. Is responsible for all client onboardings, as well as client milestones, personal celebrations, etc. 

    • Meet Megan. Queen of organization & wower (it’s a word) in…everything.

What You’ll Do 

Our Public Relations Associate role exists to aid in providing clients with a successful Podcast Tour via pitching and relationship building. 

Here’s a brief breakdown of how you’ll achieve that: 
  • Pitching – Crafting & sending compelling (& personally tailored – we never take the spray & pray approach) email, video, and social media pitches to podcast hosts to secure guest appearances for our clients on their shows.
  • Relationship building – Build trust with hosts by ensuring you understand the premise and goal of their show and that any client you pitch them would genuinely add value to their listeners. 

✅ Requirements 

Other people might call these soft skills, but we don’t believe there’s any such thing. Instead, we call these our People Pillars, because no one gets in without them. They’re not a dusty list of “nice to haves” we keep in our metaphorical basement, only to pull them out when we’re hiring. 

They’re part of the living, breathing organism that is our culture and we don’t risk negatively disrupting it. For anything. Ever. 

Not for 20+ years of experience. Not for mind-blowing industry connections. Not for a proven track record of doing every last thing we do as a company with 100% success. Not even for a hand-written referral from Tim Ferriss (we mean it, sorry Tim). 


That’s why we place an even higher level of importance on our qualitative requirements than our quantitative (which are still very high). 

With that, if you can’t honestly see each one of these traits within yourself and are confident they would shine through to us via your written & verbal communication with us, we ask (in our kindest, most gentle voice), that you come back and visit us when you can.  

  • Kind – Speak and act kindly, regardless of the situation. 
  • Empathetic – Able to authentically put yourself in the shoes of clients and teammates. 
  • Vulnerable – Able to share those “crazy” ideas, respectfully speak up when you disagree with an approach the team or company is taking, and share when you’re going through something personally challenging so we can support you. 
  • Funny – We’re a company run by young, talented, and fun individuals. If you don’t laugh at a good meme, get sarcasm, and have an easily identified sense of humor (even if it’s different than anyone else’s on the team) we may not be a great fit.
  • Personable – Clients and team members would enjoy communicating with you. Never, ever, under any circumstances, are you even remotely coarse in your written or verbal communication. 
  • Proactive – You look ahead to stay ahead of possible challenges & take action before you have to and without prompting. 
  • Resourceful – Wouldn’t ask anyone something you could Google. 
  • Over-communicative – Responsive & engaged. Enjoys speaking to both clients and team members. Provides clients, their team, & the leadership team with status updates as needed. 
  • Organized – You would honor and improve organizational systems currently in place, keep to-do lists up to date, and manage your time effectively. 
  • Trustworthy – We would never have to wonder if you’re working when you say you are, you’d never dream of sharing any inside intel, and you’re always transparent about mistakes. 
  • Accountable – You own your work for better or worse, meet deadlines, etc.

  • 6+ months of pitching experience – You’ve run point on conducting outreach (this could be to media outlets, community organizations, etc.) on a regular basis. 
  • 6+ months of project management experience – You’ve been in charge of keeping at least 1 kind of project management platform (Asana, Trello, Basecamp, etc.) up to date on a daily basis. 
  • 6+ months working with GSuite – You’ve regularly used GSuite tools. Specifically, GMail, GCal, & GDrive. 
  • General PR knowledge – You see, understand, & truly believe in the value of PR in the modern marketing sphere. You’d never recommend an ad over good content, write a cheesy CTA, or see adding value to someone’s life or business for free as a waste of time.
  • Generally tech-savvy – You’re a digital native that’s heard of all systems/tools mentioned throughout this job description. 
  • Impeccable written & verbal communication skills – Every role at Lemonpie involves written or verbal communication tailored to our internal brand voice (fun, friendly, informative, & always professionally upbeat) but with each team member’s unique stamp on it. 
  • Attention to detail – We know every job posting on this side of the hemisphere states this as a necessity, but we actually mean it. Not attention to detail like you remember someone’s name. Attention to detail like you notice if someone puts a phrase in italics in an email but missed a letter at the end that’s still in the standard font. 
  • Internally motivated – We don’t (and can’t) micromanage, so if you’re someone who needs to be frequently steered in the right direction or doesn’t work well autonomously, we’re just not meant to be. 
  • Independent thinker – You see the way something has been done but think independently enough to make it better vs. going with the flow. You come across a unique situation that you haven’t been trained in yet but you can piece together other parts of training, how we handle things as a company from a high-level POV, etc., to come up with a great game plan rather than needing to ask someone how it’s always done. 
  • Intuitive & thorough researcher – You’d never miss the fact that a show you’re pitching hasn’t published an episode in a year or doesn’t accept guests, you’re able to easily find the correct host information, etc. 
  • No ego – “I don’t need to be right; I need to get it right” aligns with your way of thinking. 
  • Coachable – Not just from a willingness to learn perspective, but you also take any feedback to heart and apply it right away. We’re able to see our feedback and guidance in your work as you get up to speed & beyond. 
  • Growth mindset – You see consistent learning & improving as an extension of any role you serve in. This isn’t fluff. We don’t do so good with “good enough,” truly. 
  • You live in the United States. 

Good to have: 
  • Basic business knowledge – You know what the acronyms SaaS, ROI, SEO, SME, B2B, B2C, D2C, KPI, PPC, ARR, CPM etc. are without googling them and you have a good understanding of what businesses expect from the PR vendors they partner with. 
  • Sales or marketing experience – Bonus points if you’ve worked with brands on their sales and/or marketing efforts outside of pitching. 
  • Specific tool experience – You’re familiar with Slack, HubSpot, & Notion. 
  • Remote work experience – You’ve learned a new role primarily asynchronously, have managed your own workflow independently, don’t need a call to navigate hiccups, etc. 
  • You love podcasts – It’s kind of our thing.  

Success Indicators 

How you’ll know you’re killin’ it in this role every step of the way. 

At 1 month: 
  • Pitch training is complete 
  • Has met & familiarized themselves with each TRM & TRC they’ll be working with Has familiarized themselves with the goals of each client they’ll be pitching
  • Is able to craft ~5 pitches per day 
  • Is actively participating in weekly team calls 
  • Is engaged during/actively participating in team activities and conversations, including weekly team meetings, Know Your Team Tuesday questions, Chat N’ Chills, etc.
    Is actively coming to the team/leadership with any questions they may have
  • Is keeping notes on pertinent information for future reference 

At 3 months: 
  • Everything under the 1-month success indicators 
  • Is able to craft ~8 pitches per day 
  • Keeps HubSpot and other tools updated appropriately 
  • Identifies and/or implements new ways we can improve their role, processes, and/or client experience 
  • Is operating autonomously and productively on a day-to-day basis 
    • Doesn’t require frequent input from others to successfully complete 
    • responsibilities 
    • Follows through on what they say they’ll do when they say they’ll do it
    • Overcomunicates on status updates, learning challenges, misc. roadblocks, etc.
  • Is adhering to Lemonpie’s communication guidelines 
  • Is outwardly displaying signs of all People Pillars

At 6 months: 
  • Everything under the 3-month success indicators 
  • Is able to craft ~10 pitches per day 
  • Has implemented at least 1 significant improvement to their role, processes, or client experience 
  • Is regularly participating in some form(s) of professional growth (books, articles, lunch & learns, webinars, courses, etc.) 
  • If interested in a future TRM role they’ve met with the Head of Talent Relations & Chief People Officer for feedback/next steps 

At 1 year: 
  • Everything under the 6-month success indicators 
  • Capable of training a new team member in the same role 
  • If interested in a future TRM role they’ve started shadowing TRM’s/seeing where they could pitch in on client work 
  • Has implemented at least 2 significant improvements to their role, processes, and/or client experience 

✨ Benefits 

Making our people happy makes us happy. Here’s how we do it. 

  • Live & work where you want – We’ve been remote from the start and have a fully distributed team, so you can live anywhere (within the U.S.) and work from anywhere your heart desires. 
  • Flexible schedule – As long as you’re available during core business hours and keeping full-time hours (7 am-3 pm, 8 am-4 pm, 10 am-6 pm, etc.), you have the freedom to create a schedule that’s optimal for you. 
  • Unlimited PTO – Not unlimited so you feel bad taking it, not unlimited but you have to cut through a ton of red tape to use it, and not unlimited to a certain point. Truly unlimited. We strongly believe in working to live, not living to work, and want that to show in all of our employees’ lives. We also know that taking plenty of time away from work is crucial for our mental health, which is why we have a strict 3-week minimum time off each year policy in addition to the ~15 days per year we’re closed. Fun fact: We’ve never denied a time off request in the 5 years we’ve been in business. 
  • Paid parental leave – Our maternity & paternity leave is fully paid for up to 18 weeks. We have a mandatory 12 weeks of paid leave for all new parents (biological or adoption) but we encourage you to take as long as you’d like up to 18 weeks. 
  • Remote work stipend – We add $1,200/yr to all of our salaries to provide our team with an extra $100/month to fuel their remote work-life (coffee when working from a coffee shop, a co-working space, or more loungewear as a reminder that you never have to wear uncomfy pants again). 
  • Real growth opportunity – Even though we’re a small company, we’ve intentionally designed our team structure to allow for internal promotion for every role, and the average time someone is with us before getting their first promotion is less than a year. 

How To Apply

If everything you’ve just read has you jumping on a couch Tom Cruise circa 2005 style, consider this your formal invitation to apply! 

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/lemonpie-public-relations-associate