Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

URL: https://leopard.fyi

Looking for an experienced marketer to help Leopard.FYI’s CEO Lexi stay on top of regular HQ content creation and distribution. Ideal hire would be a contractor with a 1-3 hours of overlap with PST so that we can successfully collaborate, the rest can be async (we’re a 25 person async team and prefer it that way!)

 Our goal with Content Marketing is to create high quality content for women and for employers that utilizes our research teams’ ability to quickly create resources like the following:

– the gender ratios of 250 tech companies
– master list of company’s fertility benefits
– master list of company’s engineering interview processes
– master list of company’s trans health care benefits 

Content will likely live on our blog, but also should funnel to standalone page or primarily live as linkedin posts.



You’ll be responsible for designing a project with Lexi, and then managing the processes associated to content production:

– researching topics, pulling in PH researcher to help gather data
– aggregating information & making it easy to comprehend / understand
– writing draft of post, submitting to Lexi for review
– running content launch timing, promotion strategy

Extra credit to candidates who have  some prior experience around optimization of the following channels, in order of priority (can also bring in additional team members / contractors to go deeper into it):
– Linkedin: building our following, engagement, lead nurturing
– Blog: thinking through basic SEO friendly strategy
– Email: Building out a newsletter and maintaining good engagement

To apply, please share the following (if you miss this step your application will be immediately rejected):

– Send Lexi an email with your CV &/or a portfolio, ideally with links to a few written pieces 
– Please share any details about your process, how you work with clients
– Share your ideal contract set up: hourly rate, # of hours etc 

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/leopard-fyi-content-marketer-with-experience-linkedin-email-lead-nurturing