Headquarters: Finland

URL: https://apps.shopify.com/lifetimely-lifetime-value-and-profit-analytics

Lifetimely is a reporting tool helping thousands of Shopify stores understand their returning customer behavior and lifetime value. You can find us from the Shopify app store.

We’re growing and looking for a marketer with e-commerce experience to join us to educate D2C brands on how to leverage LTV in their operations. Your job would be to take full responsibility for our marketing and user-facing content – the end result of your work should be an evergreen library of videos and articles on e-commerce customer metrics.

Examples of content you would do:
  • Creating video tutorials educating our user base on how to leverage the data in Lifetimely – e.g. “How to use cohort analysis to determine how much to spend to acquire customers”
  • Creating guides and sharing benchmark case studies: “What is a good repurchase rate in your industry?”
We don’t expect you to be great at both writing and making videos – but you would need to be great at one.

This is the job for someone who is living and breathing e-commerce and digital marketing, but is looking for a career change or a side job in Saas. This position can be either full-time or part-time depending on the candidate and their experience. You will work closely with our founder defining the content strategy.

Who you are:
  • You know e-commerce and digital marketing super well – you might have worked in a digital marketing agency or have an e-commerce store you’re operating right now
  • You are either comfortable speaking to the camera and producing videos OR a great writer
  • You’re a native English speaker & writer
We don’t care about your education – e-commerce and digital marketing is a craft you learn by doing.

Why work for Lifetimely
You would get a first-hand experience in SaaS and visibility on the super fast-growing Shopify platform economy. This is a dream job for someone who is passionate about educating others and creating content about e-commerce with a deep dataset to draw insights from. We are a small, 100% remote team across four continents and believe in calm workplace practices (although sometimes things can be a little hectic).

How to apply
  • Send us a concrete content piece you’ve created: a blog post, Youtube tutorial, or something else around e-commerce.
  • Briefly describe your experience
  • Your monthly/hourly salary ask
The company is registered in Finland (EU) – this will be a part-time/full-time contract position.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/lifetimely-content-marketer-with-e-commerce-experience