We are looking for best .NET developers who will join our team and build a global company from Russia. Started in 2011 in Syktyvkar (not kidding), now it is a pizza store chain in 14 countries in Europe and Africa.

Challenge. You will work on the system daily used by 1M+ people including customers and partners. The main technical challenge is to split the monolithic system into separate services communicating through API for sync calls or bus (based on RabbitMQ) for async calls.

Every day. You will work with

  • .NET
  • .NET Core,
  • MySQL
  • JS (including React or Angular)
  • Azure, Redis, ELK.

Working with others. Pair programming and quick code review is one of our great advantage. Close collaboration helps to increase quality.

Growth. Work in pair, work with people stronger is the way to growth.

In addition, you will participate in real pizza store business, you will be close to the business as much as possible.

Important notice: whole IT team is currently Russian-speaking, so it will be better if you know Russian

mailto: [email protected]