Headquarters: Brussels, Belgium

URL: https://onlinecoursehost.com

For our new course platform, we are hiring customer service representatives to scale our support team.

We are looking for someone to start right now.

Our platform is new and you will be the first full time customer service representative of the whole company, trained directly by the founder. 

Our company is starting to get a lot of support requests already, so this is a great time to join the company straight from the beginning, and make a long career with us. 

Right now, we have a limited number of requests per day, so you would be busy learning the system and getting familiar with the product.

Your responsibilities will be:

– learn the software product and start answering support questions

– help write and maintain the help center documentation

– test the product and report any issues you find, as a way to get familiar with it

The main skills that you need for this task are:

– fluent, native-like English is essential, because you will be writing to customers, and writing documentation in English

– familiarity with software products, web hosting products, and preferably online course platforms would be ideal

– some basic understanding of how DNS works would be a huge plus, especially familiarity with setting up the DNS for a website using CNAME and CAA DNS records.

The job perks and conditions are:

– 300 USD per month, negotiable

– full time job as a freelancer, you can’t take this as a part-time

– you will be paid either directly via wire transfer if you have a freelancer company, or via Upwork Direct contracts

– work from home, fully remote

– work in your own timezone, you don’t need to adapt to our timezone (European CET)

– 8h a day, flexible schedule

– Your schedule is flexible, but you need to work most of your hours in the morning and afternoon of your timezone

– You need to be available for work from the 22nd of December till the first week of January, and from mid-July to mid-August

– other than that, you can take 20 days of leave per year 

To apply to this job, send me an email to admin@onlinecoursehost.com with your CV. 

But please don’t just send the CV over, highlight on the message any experience that you have with course platforms, hosting services, software services, etc.

That is way more important to me than previous customer support experience. 

Also, I tend to get a lot of replies, so please send the passphrase “cat”, just to show you read this message and it’s not an automated reply, I hope you don’t mind this little trick 🙂

In the body of your email, tell me in your own words and in detail what our company and product is about. What does the software do, what is the target audience, who are the competitors in this space.

Don’t copy paste text from the website, I need you to tell me that in your own words. The goal is to see if you understand what the product is, and to see your English level as well. 

Tell me specifically if you understand DNS. What is it and what is your experience with it, if any.

Also tell me your country and timezone where you will be working from. Tell also a bit about yourself.

Also, can you confirm me that you are ok with the monthly salary of 300 USD, and that you understand that this is a full time position as a freelancer?

Can you also confirm that you are available at the specific times of the year mentioned in this post, especially from mid-July to mid August?

Can you explain in your own words the difference between a DNS CNAME, and a DNS CAA record?

what do you know about digital marketing, any previous experience with email providers, and other type of digital marketing software?

Please take the time to answer everything in detail, a big thank you in advance.

Also write also any questions you might have, I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,
Vasco Cavalheiro

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/onlinecoursehost-com-customer-support-representative-for-online-course-platform