Headquarters: Remote

URL: https://www.joinperspective.com

We’re a funded mission-driven startup looking for a fun & creative human to lead our content, brand positioning, and product marketing. You’ll be the first marketer to join our team, and naturally will wear multiple hats with tons of autonomy to experiment and build our brand. Interested? Let’s talk

Our mission:
Perspective is an AI self-reflection platform that helps you capture your life story and get perspective on who you are. Our mission is to unlock daily moments of self-awareness, empowering you to live a conscious life full of intention and fewer regrets.

About the role:
Below are a few areas where we could use your help but, as marketer #1, you’re the expert here. You’ll have the opportunity to design, execute, and drive our marketing strategy in collaboration with our CEO.
  • Build and drive the content marketing strategy that drives top-of-funnel traffic across various channels.
  • Refine our brand voice and apply it throughout our product and brand communications.
  • Optimize brand positioning and craft a story that drives conversions, and set up lifecycle campaigns to nurture users along the activation journey.
  • Develop and optimize landing pages to communicate the features and benefits of the product.
  • Build community on social media to create brand awareness and authentic engagement.
  • Own the customer lifecycle marketing for users including drip campaigns, newsletters, marketing automation tools, etc.
  • Participate in product and design meetings to help shape the future of the product roadmap – we really want & value your input!

Who we’re looking for:
  • As a human being, you’re… 
    • Not a jerk.
    • Comfortable wearing multiple hats, and not being constrained to a single set of responsibilities.
    • Excited about building and aren’t afraid to get into the weeds.
  • As an marketer, you…
    • Have 5+ years of marketing experience with a strong background in content marketing.
    • Are an excellent writer, and love to tell stories.
    • Have some experience with marketing automation, CRMs, and analytics tools. 
    • Are well-versed in social media platforms & trends, primarily on TikTok/Instagram.

  • Salary:
    • USD$75k-90k+, depending on experience. As a startup, we naturally favor lower salaries with greater equity but we’ll be open minded for the right candidate.
  • Equity:
    • Honestly, it’s entirely dependent on you. We’re extremely generous with equity for founding team members as we want you to share in the success of this journey. Let’s talk!

Why work at Perspective?
  • This is meaningful. 
    • We’re not building another simple widget.
    • The market is really big (>1B people).
    • Your work will matter. We’re solving mental health.
  • We’ve de-risked a few things. 
    • We’re funded by great investors who believe in the mission.
    • We’re experienced startup founders who’ve built & sold successful companies before.
    • We’ve built a product that is growing quickly, and our users consistently describe as “magic” (their words, not ours!)
  • The perks are pretty great.
    • As part of our founding team, your equity will matter with options for early liquidity.
    • We care about your health and balance. We expect you to grind, but you need to take time off to recharge (unlimited vacation).
    • Low-ego team. You’ll be treated with respect.
    • Fully remote organization. Never put pants on again.

Interested? Let’s talk.
  • Email careers@joinperspective.com and tell us if you think pineapple belongs on pizza.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/perspective-founding-marketer-content-brand