Headquarters: Switzerland

URL: https://www.phoenix-management.co/

Team Leader – Chatting Department at PhoeniX Management

PhoeniX Management is seeking a skilled and dynamic Team Leader to head our Chatting Department. This role is crucial in managing and optimizing our team of virtual assistants (VAs), who are central to our engagement and sales strategies.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Team Management: Lead a team of approximately 60 VAs based in the Philippines, ensuring effective coordination and performance.
  • KPI Management: Monitor and ensure that key performance indicators are consistently met, and continually optimize the system for maximum efficiency.
  • Quality Control & Recruitment: Oversee the recruitment process for new chatters, including conducting interviews, ensuring high-quality candidates, and facilitating smooth onboarding.
  • Script Writing: Develop engaging and persuasive chatting scripts aimed at enhancing customer interaction and driving content sales on the platform.
  • Sales through Chatting: Master and impart the art of chatting – using text-based communication to build customer relationships and drive sales effectively.

  • Flexible Working Hours: Willingness to adjust working hours to effectively manage and coach the team in the Philippines.
  • Management Experience: Proven experience in managing teams, with a focus on maintaining high morale and productivity.
  • Sales and Operations Acumen: Strong skills in sales and operational management, with the ability to strategize for optimal results.
  • Communication Proficiency: Excellent communication skills, particularly in written and spoken English.
  • Team Leader Qualities: Ability to lead, motivate, and inspire a large team, ensuring alignment with the company’s objectives and culture.
Why Join PhoeniX Management?
  • 100% Flexible, Remote Work: Enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere in the world, ensuring a perfect balance between your professional and personal life.
  • Comprehensive Training: Gain access to ongoing training, ensuring you stay at the forefront of social media trends and sales techniques.
  • Supportive Team Environment: Collaborate with seasoned professionals in a team that supports your personal and professional development.
  • Make a Real Impact: Play a significant role in the growth and success of our clients, helping them navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Join our team at PhoeniX Management and contribute to our mission of navigating the rapidly changing digital world. This role is more than a job; it’s an opportunity for growth, creativity, and making a substantial impact.

Application Process:
Interested candidates, please send your cover letter and CV to hiring@phoenix-management.co.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/phoenix-management-team-leader-chatting-department