Chorus One runs validators on cutting edge Proof of Stake networks such as Cosmos, Solana, Celo, Polkadot and Oasis with >$100 million assets under management.

We are seeking a Platforms Engineer to maintain and scale our staking infrastructure. Security and reliability are key to everything we do. This position is a unique opportunity to work with an experienced team on cutting-edge blockchain networks and financial services around cryptocurrency.


  1. Maintain, scale and monitor existing infrastructure, including cloud machines, bare metal servers and a Kubernetes cluster, to allow Chorus One to provide secure and reliable industry-leading Proof-of-Stake validation services.
  2. Reason about and improve the security properties of infrastructure. Secure key management, server hardening and intrusion detection are important themes.
  3. Institute monitoring and alerting systems for infrastructure. Enable other team members to attend and troubleshoot problems as they arise.
  4. Develop software related to blockchain data extraction or interchain communication, on an as-needed basis.

The ideal candidate:

  1. Is able to work independently. Has prior work experience in a medium sized company or as a Platforms / DevOps lead in a startup.
  2. Has prior experience with a range of diverse DevOps tools. We use Kubernetes, Ansible and Packer.
  3. Possesses good knowledge of security as it relates to cloud-based infrastructure.
  4. Is able to develop tooling, and monitoring solutions where none exist, and can debug unreliable software – many of the projects we run are of alpha quality. Good knowledge of Golang and/or Rust would be a significant advantage.
  5. Bachelors or advanced degree in Computer Science or related subject is a plus, but not strictly needed.

Our Offer

  • Autonomy, a friendly and supportive work environment and the opportunity for rapid growth.
  • Competitive salary + equity.
  • All-expense paid quarterly team retreats at exotic destinations (Coronavirus permitting). Past retreats took place in Egypt, Serbia, Kenya, USA, South Korea and Dubai.
  • Remote work
  • Brand new laptop
  • Gather experience and build your network in the vibrant crypto ecosystem.
  • Learn about state of the art protocols that lay the foundation for an open, transparent, and programmable financial system.


To apply, please send an email with the following:

  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • Please answer all three questions using less than 800 words in total:
  • To help us gauge whether your background matches our expectations, we would like you to answer the following questions in 800 words or less:

1. What constitutes core operating systems knowledge, according to you?
2. What constitutes core networking knowledge, according to you?
3. Describe the most interesting issue you ever debugged.