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At Roon, Customer Success Specialists live at the intersection of support, sales, and marketing. They make up the front line of our support team, working every day to help customers reach their desired outcomes. They’re crucial to our growth as a company, and obsessed with keeping customers happy and engaged.
As a Customer Success Specialist, you will:
●  Triage incoming customer conversations. Most of them you’ll answer yourself, some require you to gather baseline information and pass it to another team, others require immediate escalation
●  Become a Roon expert. You’ll be fielding questions from B2C and B2B customers over email, social media, on our community site, and in our ecommerce store
●  Write and update documentation to proactively help customers achieve their desired outcomes
●  Leverage and improve upon sales strategies that drive customer happiness, renewals, and expansion
●  Quickly resolve billing and account administration issues
●  Monitor customer health and identify customers who are retention risks
●  Represent the voice of the customer across the company
●  Engage with our community and act on opportunities to delight customers

About you

You’re an excellent writer. We’re a fully remote team that relies heavily on asynchronous, written communication. And since you’ll be chatting with customers exclusively over email, social media, and on our community site, you’ll need writing chops appropriate for a public audience.
You’re eager to help. When things break or something goes wrong, you’re eager to hop in and help. And after that, you reflect on what happened and make suggestions for improvement. You make noise when you get stuck or something feels wrong.
You love interacting with customers! This role isn’t a stepping stone to another department at Roon Labs. You love being on the front lines with customers and want to pursue a career in customer success.
You process and resolve issues quickly. You can quickly distill complex questions and respond to them accurately and concisely. You’re an expert at making complicated situations simple and painless.
You’re somewhat technical. You know a little bit about how the internet, computers, software, and mobile applications work together. Or you know where to look for answers when you run into a problem with your computer. You don’t need a computer science degree or prior experience in a technical support role, but you do need to be able to document technical issues and report them back to the team.
Bonus points:
  • Prior remote work experience, or you’ve built side projects that demonstrate you can be focused and productive on your own
  • Experience using help desk software
  • 1 year of customer-facing experience (retail, call center, hospitality, IT support, etc.)
  • Knowledge or familiarity of the high-resolution audio industry
  • Experience hosting webinars or training sessions
  • Sales experience

Time Zone:
(Remote UTC-8 to UTC+1)

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/roon-labs-customer-success-specialist