We are looking for a talented Scala Developer to join our team to code custom applications from scratch with minimal supervision.

Technical skills

Languages: Scala, Kafka
Database: Cassandra

You bring to Applaudo the following competencies:

  • 2+ Akka actor model framework experience
  • 2+ Play or Spring framework experience
  • Fully Functional programming oriented
  • Akka Streams (parquet or avro desired)
  • End to End reactive flows (Casandra reactive connector preferable)
  • Experience working with large volumes of data for medium to large corporations.
  • 3+ years of Agile experience
  • Professional English proficiency
  • Cat (Desired)
  • Doobie (Desired)
  • Slick (Desired)
  • Event sourcing & event based architectures (Desired)

You will be accountable for the following responsibilities:

  • Construction of highly concurrent Back end reactive micro services for large volumes of data through kafka streaming.
  • 100% Scala with a mix of Akka, Akka-Http, and Play microservices using Kafka.
  • Experience in one or more of the following cloud environment tools: GCP Pub/sub (Kafka) or Azure: Event Hub (Kafka)