ChartMogul helps thousands of subscription businesses extract value from their data; from large SaaS and media businesses to mobile meditation apps. With our subscription data platform, teams don’t need to worry about crunching numbers; they can instead focus on what matters — getting insights from their revenue data.Our sales team helps people understand the value that ChartMogul can bring to their subscription business. We understand the importance of subscription data and know that various partners rely on this information to promote departmental, and organizational, growth and success. To help our clients, we listen to them and build collaborative relationships to educate them on the benefits of ChartMogul. As a result we’re able to help them gather the insights they need to achieve their goals.Since our primary focus is new business MRR, hitting and exceeding — we love the feeling of going above and beyond — our monthly and annual targets, helps us reinforce ChartMogul’s position as a leader in the subscription economy 🙂