ObjectSecurity is at the forefront of technological development in cybersecurity, binary analysis, AI/ML, supply chain and access control. Join a small, highly skilled team of innovators as one of the primary data scientists – using state of the art machine learning and data analysis to improve cybersecurity. Funded primarily through government SBIR R&D contracts, we are a growing cybersecurity company in San Diego, CA.

Air Force Awardee

In July of 2021, ObjectSecurity was awarded a $1M SBIR contract by the Air Force for “Assurance of Trusted AI/ML Systems Pitch Day for Trusted Artificial Intelligence”. The project, carried out by ObjectSecurity LLC, aims for successful technology development and transition that will result in addressing trusted Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) at scale. View the article, award announcement and solicitation on our website at https://objectsecurity.com/blog/2021/07/28/aitrust/

How You’ll Have Impact

Work on government grants to create cutting-edge technologies related to cybersecurity to protect the country. This job is your opportunity to work with a world-class team of scientists, engineers, and security experts, turning AI into innovative, transformative technology products that solve the most pressing issues our nation currently faces. We encourage employees of the company to grow within the company into leadership positions. You will be an early stage employee and have the opportunity to work on several projects in the areas that interest you.

This position offers the opportunity to apply data science to cybersecurity related challenges, incl. (just to name a few) to secure ML pipelines during development, to analyze binaries for vulnerabilities using ML, to detect anomalies on devices/PCBs (using advanced computer vision ML), to analyze anomalies in supply chain data graphs, and more. We are tasked by the Navy, Air Force, DHS and others to solve significant cybersecurity challenges.

Position Details


  • Analyze computer architecture for novel binary pattern identification and analysis, working knowledge of compilers and assembly required
  • Utilize data science and machine learning techniques to design and develop effective solutions for the abovementioned (and other) cybersecurity challenges.
  • Design, develop and implement new AI and Machine Learning capabilities for company’s systems
  • Integrate AI and ML capabilities into company’s software ecosystem
  • Specify and implement data pipelines utilizing open source technologies such as Apache Spark, Mahout, Kafka, IBM CodeFlare, etc.
  • Work with engineering teams to build scalable solutions
  • Scientific/technical research into data science and machine learning related innovations, publications, tools etc., and select the best possible approaches/tools for each objective
  • Produce scientific/technical reports documenting your findings for the customer (monthly)
  • Contribute to customer presentations, presenting the data science and machine learning parts of solutions
  • Continuously update and maintain systems
  • Work closely with data scientists and software developers

Qualifications (Must):

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Data Science, or Statistics (PhD preferred)
  • Senior level data scientist with over three or more years of relevant security experience.
  • Strong ability in Python, Scala, or Java, good coding skills
  • Deep and broad understanding and experience with machine learning techniques

Experience Desired:

  • Knowledge of binary files, embedded devices, disassemblers, decompilers, emulators
  • Knowledge of cybersecurity
  • Experience with graph databases
  • Experience estimating processing and communications requirements for various data pipelines/learning systems
  • Familiarity with concepts from statistics
  • Experience with a range of data analysis techniques: linear regression, random forest, clustering, deep learning, object detection, LSTM techniques, supervised and unsupervised learning, graph algorithms, etc.
  • Technical writing for data science and machine learning related technical proposals (working with our proposal writing team)

Expected Skills:

  • Ownership mentality and entrepreneurial drive, proven ability to work autonomously
  • Strong technical background with expertise in machine learning, statistics, or data-driven cybersecurity
  • Strong communication and analytical skills including the ability to identify and frame initially vague problems and communicate solutions
  • Experience using Python for data analytics
  • Familiarity with distributed data processing and data storage technologies
  • Basic knowledge of cybersecurity

The ideal AI/ML Engineer has:

  • At least 3 years of professional computer science / data science / software engineering experience or a PhD in a relevant field
  • Producing high quality software that is well-written and well-instrumented
  • Experienced in software architecture, design, agile development, test suites, and system maintenance
  • Fluent in Data Science, ML and AI
  • Fluent in Python, git, GitLab/GitHub, container systems, databases, and CI/CD
  • Strong technical writing skills

Eligible candidates MUST be a US citizen or permanent resident; proper documentation is required. Pre-employment verifications: must pass background, reference and ITAR/EAR checks in addition to a pre-employment drug screen. You must be based in the US.

This is a remote position. If you happen to be based in San Diego, CA, you are welcome to work in our office.