Wikifactory’s client-side applications are just as technical as our backend applications. We are looking for a Full-Stack engineer to focus on front-end engineering.

The ideal candidate will be highly technical and enjoy solving challenging problems, such as:

  • Building user-facing features with everything from database models to resolvers and queries.
  • Solving collaborative text editing or similar algorithmic merging problems.
  • Improving the client’s performance via profiling and benchmarking.
  • Enhancing reliability by developing testing infrastructures.
  • Developing API integrations.
  • Creating server-side rendering infrastructures to improve load times.
  • Visualising and/or parsing PCB files.

As our future Full-Stack engineer, you will play a key role in (1) enhancing our social networking capabilities to better serve the needs of product designers and manufacturers, (2) improving our version control and continuous integration system for physical products as well as (3) designing and creating a revolutionary open marketplace for digital manufacturing – set to change the way people prototype hardware products and manufacture them.

Our Stack

We use carefully selected technologies to build maintainable systems, so we can continuously make progress on a solid foundation. Our stack includes

  • ES6/React front-end with styled-components.
  • Apollo/GraphQL data queries and mutations.
  • MobX for data stores and processing logic.
  • Slate.js based rich-media text editor.
  • Puppeteer for server-side rendering.
  • Python and Golang backend environments.
  • Postgres and Dgraph (Graph database).
  • WebAssembly based 3D viewer.
  • Github, ZenHub, Slack, Notion,


  • Strong software engineering background.
  • Minimum 5 years experience with JavaScript/ES6, HTML5 and Web APIs
  • Fluent in English with strong technical communication skills.