About Team

Our engineering team is responsible for designing, developing, and running web services that make a foundation of the Assurance business. We are responsible for the customer- and agent-facing UI, along with upstream and downstream APIs, integrations with various information providers (MediaAlpha, HasOffers, Experian just to name a few), integration with insurance carriers (Prudential, TransAmerica, Lumico and number of others), payment processors, and financial vendors. We are working on developing the next generation of our platform that would allow us Assurance to expand into other business domains at a fraction of engineering cost.

About You

You are a seasoned software engineer, who has been working on internal- and public-facing web services for a number of years. You have made your share of mistakes and learned from them. You have good instincts and strong judgment, and your decisions were tested by time over and over again. You demonstrate an exemplary level of ownership and no problem is below you. You enjoy creating designs and writing code that would outlive you. Desired experience: – Have 6+ years of practical experience developing distributed service-based applications – Have a track record of designing, developing and shipping complex software projects that required cross-team collaboration – Be proficient in at least one high-level programming language such as Java, Python, or Ruby – Have strong debugging and systems analysis skills to be able to identify and quickly resolve or mitigate issues – Have excellent oral and written communication skills Bonus Experience: – Have comfortable familiarity with AWS services – Have practical experience developing APIs for the modern world – Have deep practical knowledge of Ruby on Rails and related ecosystem – Have experience working in the fintech or insuretech business domain If this opportunity sounds interesting to you, please drop us a line, we’d love to chat!