Headquarters: New York, NY, USA

URL: http://skyefoxventures.com

SkyeFox Ventures (SFXV) is a growth, management, and investment platform for high potential DTC, CPG, internet-based, and B2B businesses at the inflection points of scale and transformation. We offer full-stack digital marketing services that create profitable revenue growth for our partners. 

We’re seeking to add a creative Facebook & Brand Strategist to our team. We’re looking for someone who has ability to emphasize what’s special about a brand, create content strategies that speak meaningfully to their target audience, and someone who knows how to curate and analyze data to inform strategy/optimization. 

What the role entails:
Full Scope Facebook Marketing
– Researching competitor ads and angles
– Auditing ad accounts to uncover opportunities
– Strategizing and launching campaigns
– Optimizing and adjusting campaigns/ad sets post-launch
– Analyzing KPI data to determine asset performance
– Providing creative, angle, demographic, and targeting direction based on data
Creative direction and design
– Brainstorming marketing angles and creative ideas for paid media
– Designing basic creatives in Canva
– Analysing existing creatives to gauge what’s working
Figma website design
– Designing websites and landing pages in Figma (mobile and desktop)
– Ensuring landing pages have strong CRO and are conversion-oriented
Klaviyo Marketing
– Auditing Klaviyo flows, campaigns and segmentation
– Strategizing and building new klaviyo flows
– Designing emails within Klaviyo
Business Development analysis & audits
– Analyzing businesses for paid media viability
– Discovering business development opportunities for revenue and profit scale
Decks, Timelines, Proposal etc. generation
– Pitch Decks, Paid media plans / proposals
Brand Development
– Creating brand value propositions
– Creating tone of voice
– Creating audience avatars
– Creating brand creative guidelines
This is a unique opportunity to join our company on the verge of scale. Join our team now and enjoy a fast-track to growth and opportunity.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/skyefox-ventures-facebook-brand-strategist-us-canadian-applicants-only