Headquarters: Basel Switzerland

URL: https://skylinemngmnt.com/

You will work as a Tiktok Manager in our Onlyfans Agency. We mainly generate new traffic / fans with Tiktok for our models. And getting new fans on Onlyfans is a very important part in this business. So your job is essential. 

Your daily tasks will be:
-Finding the right videos for the models you are responsible for and giving it to them. The videos must perfectly suit to the models strenghts. Of course you will be trained. 
-Analyzing the Tiktok market and finding strategies how to make our models even bigger on Tiktok and how to get more views. 
-Chatting with our models about all Tiktok related topics
-Giving models feedback about their tiktoks
-Analyzing the tiktok profiles of the models and finding out what kind of videos work for her the best. You must be able to recognize patterns. 

What skills you need:
-Some marketing experience. You need to be able to UNDERSTAND why a Tiktok video goes viral. Is it because of the outfit? Or maybe because of the background? The sound? etc etc
-You need to be a creative person
-You need to be a fast learner. We preach speed in our company. 
-You need to be someone who loves sucess and achieving higher numbers constantly. NO LAZINESS
-Great English skills
-Networked thinking. If you know A and B, and A happened because of something of B, you should IMMEDIATELY understand that B was the reason. 
-You like the idea of a performance based / comission based salary

-Yearly salary will be between 50’000-100’000. It will be commission-based together with a fixed part of the salary

When applying, pay attention to the following:
-Send CV
-Tell us why we should choose you and not someone else 

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/skyline-management-tiktok-manager