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Hey there
My name is Dimitry and I’m the founder of Soar. We build productized marketing services at price points startups and creators can afford. We deliver our services in a streamlined way and believe in impacting as many startups and creators as possible using well-defined and transparently priced and scoped services. 
The services we have are a combination of “agency” style services, like SEO, Reputation Management, and more productized and packaged up services like
  • Done for you viral posts on Reddit
  • Quora answers
  • Backlinks
  • Analytics tag installation 
  • & more
No matter the service, we try and keep the service experience transparent and fair to our customers. It’s a core tenet and a welcome relief for a lot of the people who come to us. 
We’ve been growing fast during Covid. Our specialization in Reddit combined with the growth of the crypto//creator economy has really pushed us up. Now we need to improve and expand the services we deliver. 
The Role
That’s where you come in. Our Marketing Strategist. 
You’ll work with our best clients and help them get the most of our marketing services. This means brainstorming on how our services can be used for them, coordinating with our service teams to customize services to fit client needs, analyzing and reporting on results, hopping on client calls as their Soar rep & more. 
Initially, your first few projects will be focused on familiarizing and setting the scene for the future. You’ll understand the inner workings of our current services and how our clients are using them. You’ll review client cases and how our services can be applied to them. We do a lot of out-of-the-box stuff on Reddit so there’s some learning to do here. 

As you settle in, you’ll be owning a strategy for 5-7 clients. Your day-to-day will depend, but will probably include the following…
  • Put together cross-channel marketing proposals utilizing a mix of Reddit, Content Marketing, SEO & more for our premium clients. 
  • Plan multi-month campaigns leveraging our company’s capabilities. 
  • Coordinate with our service teams and ensure all client deliverables are to a high standard of quality and highly organized. 
  • Sync with clients regularly to report on progress and jump in to fix fires as needed. 
  • Review client analytics & campaign performance and adjust our strategies and tactics accordingly. 
This is a brand new role for our team, so you’ll be trailblazing what this role looks like.  Be ready to sit down and help us define SOP’s and set standards as you get more comfortable in your role. 
  • Strong cross-channel marketing background
  • Entrepreneurial mindset, you’ve started your own ventures in the past
  • Agency or freelance experience
  • Excellent written & spoken communication style 
  • Work hours that overlap some with the EST timezone
  • Self-motivated and work well independently
  • Comfortable working remotely (we don’t have an office) 
Bonus Points
  • You’ve got a pet (+10)
  • You’ve led a marketing team before (+5)
  • You’ve used Asana, Airtable and Zapier (+5)
Why you might NOT want to take this role
There are jobs for everyone, but sometimes it’s just not a person/role/company fit! Here are reasons this job might not be right for you:
  • You want to stay in your comfort zone.
  • Soar constantly has new challenges, new things going on, and new problems to solve. It’s simply not a company where the same thing happens every day. Some people might not like that!
  • You want to be told exactly what to do. 
  • If you’re looking for more of a straightforward execution role where you can just follow a checklist, this is not it. You’ll definitely get support from the team, lots of examples, processes and SOPs, but you are the manager of your projects and new challenges will always arise that you need to lead. Depending on the client and situation, that can mean that you’ll have to be the one treading the path of a new process first.
  • You’re looking for a regular 9-5.
  • Things are not regular at Soar. We move fast, we have exciting new projects and new challenges—it’s not something you’ll be able to do on autopilot.
The Offer
We’re trying to build a great team with talented people. We’d like you to help us on this mission. Here are some of the core principles of working with our team
Work-life Balance & Flexible Hours ⏰
We are a remote-first company, we believe in focusing on working with the best talent no matter where you are located. We will make it work. We respect time zones and try our best to provide flexibility in your daily work life. 
PTO & Holidays
We work hard to make sure that we create a balanced environment that helps you avoid burnouts. We encourage everyone to take at least 35 days off per year. Just make sure to notify your team beforehand so we can balance the workload of your fellow teammates. 
Mental & Physical Strength fund
We want our team to be healthy both physically and mentally so we are happy to reimburse you if you are going to a gym or take a meditation class – you pick! 
Growth & Education Allowance
We want to make sure that you have the ability to grow – maybe you want to take a Udemy course, pick up some Linkedin Learning, or participate in a webinar. We encourage our team to learn new skills and better existing ones.
Fringe Benefits
While a minor benefit, it is nice to be surprised sometimes. We try to wow you every year with a small token of appreciation – a logo t-shirt or paid lunch, event tickets, or small party – we try to figure something out regardless of being remote.
Wifi Coverage
As a remote company, our “office” is highly dependent on Wifi. We are happy to help you cover this expense with up $50/month towards your Wifi bill. 
Competitive Compensation
Even though we are a small company, we strive to be fair about compensation. We make sure that you can live comfortably on your salary, no matter where you are. It is not easy to benchmark salaries in a remote company where our people are located all over the world but we continuously work on and improve our approach. Things we take into account when calculating the compensation are global averages per skillset, your local cost of living, your skills and experience. 
I look forward to reviewing your applications
Best of luck,
Dimitry Apollonsky

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/soar-marketing-strategist