We’re looking for a product manager to join our small-and-mighty product team. As a healthcare startup, we move fast (and with little overhead!), so we need someone who enjoys wearing multiple hats and is pragmatic about the inherent tradeoffs in building a product in a fast moving environment. We employ a Design Thinking approach that puts the customer first by balancing a creative thinking divergent process with an iteration heavy convergent process. Given that, it’s crucial that you feel comfortable :

  • immersing yourself in the customer experience by leading feedback calls to gain deeper understanding of the customer’s journey and uncover unarticulated needs.
  • leading collaborative brainstorming & ideation sessions and articulating pre-experiences to test & vet design concepts


  • Work with the Head of Product to create a roadmap and set high level prioritization.
  • Interface frequently with a variety of stakeholders about product needs.
  • Oversee the ongoing prioritization of the backlog using key drivers & user feedback.
  • Write user stories with acceptance criteria and sufficient depth of explanation.
  • Lead backlog grooming to decompose and estimate stories with developers.
  • Answer questions from developers and clarify requirements.
  • Work with Release Manager, QA, & Customer Success to accept finished features based on acceptance criteria on behalf of Product.


  • Demonstrated success leading the build-out of high value products.
  • A knack for bringing people together across teams and perspectives to get things done.
  • Solid written communication skills as evidenced by clear user stories.
  • Enough technical understanding to discuss scope/timeline tradeoffs with engineers.
  • Ability to both pay attention to the details, and also keep a bead on the broader context.