What. Is. THIS…? A Job Description for ANTS!??

(Stack Overflow says to not use a generic title. So, originally, “QA Human” and “Fungible Quality Unit” were on the table. Laughing at the bad jokes of the VP of Product is not a job requirement, however. Making fun of the VP of Engineering may be, however.)

Le Job Overview (The Job Overview)

We’re looking for a QA / Business Analyst to join our tiny-but-mighty product team and play an integral role in launching our newest product line — Dorsata Real World Data (RWD). We need someone who enjoys wearing multiple hats and relishes juggling both business analysis & QA responsibilities in a “move fast, but actually don’t break things” environment. On the product team, we employ Design Thinking approach that puts the customer first by balancing creative thinking & high-touch stakeholder engagement with structured, documented product processes & robust testing.

Given that, it’s crucial that you feel comfortable:

  • immersing yourself in the process of building out manual test plans as well as the process & framework for running those plans
  • immersing yourself in business requirements, documenting workflows and confirming data & workflow needs before building
  • getting things done in the convergent world of execution via good planning, clear communication, and hands-on project management while working closely with product and engineering team members


  • Engage internal customers & external stakeholders to document business requirements.
  • Work with engineers & other stakeholders to clarify requirements during the feature lifecycle.
  • Take a leading roll in QA & release management by creating & running test plans, collaborating on progress, maintaining quality thresholds, and communicating our development status effectively.
  • Write user stories with acceptance criteria, success metrics, and sufficient depth of explanation through the lens of customer and business goals.


  • Scrappiness – ability to get things done, even as conditions change and new information is presented.
  • Curiosity – ability to explore and synthesize a large amount of domain knowledge quickly
  • Well organized – with the ability to pay attention to the details while keeping a bead on the broader context.
  • Process focused – able to listen to multiple descriptions of need and build optimized workflows and technology solutions.
  • Empathetic – cares about the customer’s needs and is respectable of different stakeholder goals and needs.
  • Good communicator – solid writing skills, and ability to clearly express goals & tradeoffs with a variety of people.
  • Technically minded – enough experience & interest to discuss scope/timeline tradeoffs with engineers.