Headquarters: Zagreb, Croatia

URL: https://testdome.com/

“An SEO expert walks into a bar, bars, beer garden, lounge, night club, bar counter, bar stool, beer, wine, whiskey.”
If you are smiling right now, get a pen and paper, it’s quiz time! Draw tally marks (I) based on your answers.
If you…
  • …could, after drinking all alcohol listed in the joke, name three keyword research tools you could use: +1 
  • …would browse top competitors and note down which strategies and ideas you can copy: +1 
    Extra +1 if you can spot what a competitor page is doing wrong and you can do better.
  • …noticed that keywords above can be grouped as drinking places, bar furniture, and drinks: +1 
    Extra +1 if you would create a separate SEO page template for each group. 
  • …you can write an engaging copy for SEO page template, and text snippets for each keyword: +2!
  • …google keywords to check ranking while signed in into Google: erase all tally marks (yes, all)
  • …have experience creating 100+ programmatic SEO pages based on templates: +1 
    Extra +2 if those pages you created bring at least 100,000 monthly visitors.
  • …can analyze visitor behaviour on both group and individual landing page level: +1
  • …you would buy paid links to improve SEO: take the paper and stick it up your … (you know what)
  • …did more than a dozen A/B tests of landing pages: +2
  • …can find 100+ more good keywords and landing pages to target: +2
  • …have experience with B2B: +2
And now, count the marks. Results:
0-5: You came here for the joke, didn’t you?
6-11: You have some experience, but this position would be a challenge for you. 
12-17: This is a job for you, continue reading. 
Your role will be SEO Landing Pages Specialist for GemBox and TestDome, sister companies with shared management, but separate products. Both companies are small, fully-remote, and get the majority of customers via SEO. We follow agile style, prefer documentation over chat, and aim for async communication (our employees are distributed from Brazil to Australia).
GemBox is a B2D (business to developers) company, selling .NET developers APIs for exporting and importing data. Some of our customers include Microsoft, Xerox, and NASA. GemBox landing pages include product pages, hundreds of example articles, and a forum
TestDome is a B2B company, selling work-sample pre-employment tests to IT companies. Some of the customers include eBay, Indeed and PayPal. TestDome landing pages include test pages, interview questions pages, blog articles, free ebook pages, etc. 
Both companies have the same problem: we don’t give enough love to existing landing pages. Josip and Zel are busy with management, Emily is busy writing targeted content. We have thousands of programmatic SEO pages now and some of them are not performing. For example, the SQL online test is 1st on Google, while a similar numerical reasoning test is 18th. Why?
Your job will be to nurture existing SEO content, analyze visitor behaviour and competition, and make bold A/B experiments. We are data-driven and use A/B tests.
After you improve existing SEO content, you will get a bump in salary and a task to create hundreds and hundreds of new programmatic SEO pages. For example, GemBox is launching a product called DocBlender.com in summer 2021. SEO for target keywords should already be working by then.
If you are curious about our company culture, read our Company Manual for GemBox and TestDome.  


  • Keyword research
  • Competitor research
  • Visitor behavior analysis
  • Landing page optimization 
  • Landing page copywriting
  • Landing page A/B testing
  • Creating SEO landing page templates for new target keywords

Key Requirements
  • Experience with successful landing page copywriting in English
  • Experience with planning and creating at least 100+ programmatic pages based on SEO templates
  • Experience with tracking at least 100+ target keywords
  • Experience with: keyword research tools, Google Analytics / Search Console / Google Tag Manager, A/B testing tools
  • Analytical thinking and math skills

What We Offer
  • Starting salary from $40,000 to $50,000 USD per year
  • Work from anywhere with flexible working hours
  • We cover the cost of a coworking space
  • Work-related education costs are covered
  • Paid public holidays based on where you live
  • 24 days of paid vacation
  • Paid sick and special leave

Hiring Process

Our goal is to make you an offer within three weeks. You will go through a staged approach:
  • Take a test below to assess your skills.
  • 1-2 video interviews.
  • Job offer.

To apply, first prepare links to your resume and work examples. Reserve at least 35 minutes of your time, and start the screening test.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/testdome-seo-landing-pages-specialist