Headquarters: Toronto, Canada

URL: https://www.theptdc.com/

Company Overview

Established in 2011, thePTDC.com welcomes over a million visitors a year to its 1,000+ articles for professionals working in the fitness industry. It has evolved from a purely educational resource selling books and courses to a company with a suite of focused products, services, and technology, ranging from the industry-leading certification for online trainers to business coaching to fitness coaching. Tens of thousands of health and fitness professionals in virtually every corner of the globe purchase products or services from the PTDC each year.
Are you a marketer looking for a rewarding and challenging opportunity? Are you excited to help entrepreneurs and small business owners in the health and fitness industry build successful careers and meaningful lives? Are you ready to shine in a new role that taps into your full potential? If so, you’re in the right place. We’re seeking an experienced marketing leader to steward the growth of our company in the coming years.

Role Overview

As Senior Director, Marketing, your focus will be on growing the brand, lead generation, and growth performance marketing. You will conceptualize, develop, and guide the implementation of large-scale marketing and branding efforts–to help our customers improve their lives and to build the brand into the gathering place for our industry.
In this new role, you’ll be taking a 360-degree view of the business, identifying the biggest opportunities to enhance the customer experience, improve key KPIs, and profitably grow revenue. You’ll also have the unique opportunity to work in deep collaboration with our product team, to include defining the positioning, messaging, and overall go-to-market strategy of the newest addition to our product line (a technology product which we’re actively prototyping and testing in 2021).
This isn’t a “Marketing Department of One” scenario; you’ll be supported by our Marketing Director (primarily responsible for analytics, managing paid advertising, and facilitating A/B & CX tests), Creative Director, Editorial Director, and contractors/consultants. Over time, we’ll look to you to build out, develop, and grow this team. Additionally, you’ll have access to coaching from a seasoned Marketing & Growth Advisor to support and spur your own professional development along the way.

Primary Purpose and Responsibilities

If it looks like you’ll be a good fit, your role will include:
  • Building an integrated marketing strategy to support current and future company objectives. Leverage current channels, while identifying new opportunities to build brand awareness, as well as lead generation and conversion, to achieve company KPIs
  • Building an integrative strategy across all of our channels and promotional partners and products to achieve the organization’s KPIs
  • Organizing and launching digital content and product marketing efforts with worldwide reach
  • Testing and building individual promotions that could result in millions of dollars of revenue
  • Streamlining the content efforts on the website and social media channels to grow the community and drive the right prospects back to our products and services
  • Planning the go-to-market strategy for new product innovations with massive upside potential
  • Applying customer research to inform and improve these marketing initiatives and to refine our customer experience map and metrics
  • Contributing customer insights to, and collaborating with, the Product team
  • Partnering with colleagues in Product, Customer Care, and other areas to ensure customers become loyal brand advocates after they buy our products
  • Aligning a talented team of staff and contractors around the growth and brand vision

Success Metrics

You’ll own and report on metrics such as:
  • New unique website visits
  • New email subscribers
  • Sales page visits
  • “Tier 1” and primary product orders
And you’ll share responsibility for the end-to-end customer experience, collaborating with
teammates to ensure customers become activated, engaged, and thrive with our products.

“Must-Haves” to be Successful

This is what you’ll need to bring to this role to thrive:
  • Demonstrated experience and success as a data-driven marketing leader possessing vision, imagination, and empathy
  • Demonstrated experience working with leaders across other departments to launch cross-functional programs
  • Deep understanding of content marketing and search engine optimization
  • A consultative marketing approach that’s focused on helping customers to make progress in their lives
  • Understanding of what it takes to optimize the system as a whole to deliver on our customer purpose
  • Enthusiasm and energy for serving our customers in this specific role
  • A desire to be a player-coach (doing and orchestrating work)
  • Excellent personal organization and sound and logical problem solving skills
  • Strong project management skills
  • An interest in developing and coaching team members
  • The motivation and capacity to learn and grow
  • A commitment to contributing to a PTDC culture that is uplifting, warm and friendly, respectful, and collaborative

High intellect, integrity and honesty are also imperative, as are other key PTDC personal
qualities, such as conscientiousness and responsiveness; resourcefulness and adaptability.

“Nice-to-Haves” (Bonus Points!)

  • Past experience with the Jobs to be Done framework
  • Prior experience developing and launching new products using methods such as design thinking

How We Work

While we are extremely serious about what we do, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We also infuse fun into our products and services and work day to day. Additionally, we offer flexible, remote work opportunities. We believe that in the big picture having meaningful and healthy lives takes precedence over pretty much everything. With this in mind, we do not expect our staff to work nights and weekends, for example, and we value the pursuit of hobbies, time with family, and staying active.
We view the hiring process similarly to the way we engage with strategic partners, as a conversation between two parties who each bring value to the table, exploring how they can each serve the other.
Finally, and critically, we are an equal opportunity employer, seeking diversity on the team in terms of age, gender, ethnicity, identity, national origin, race, religion, sex, and sexual orientation.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/the-personal-trainer-development-center-senior-director-marketing