Headquarters: Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

URL: https://zsa.io

Support is important. Exceptional tech support can be a superpower for a small business. That’s why we need you.

About me

Hi, I’m Erez. I’m the guy behind ZSA, a small independent company that’s been making high-end ergonomic keyboards for years. We make the award-winning ErgoDox EZ, the Planck EZ, and the Moonlander.

Professionals rely on our keyboards to get work done day in, day out, without pain and with maximum efficiency. When they buy one of our keyboards, they know we’ll be there for them for years to come. We offer a comprehensive two-year warranty, but we build relationships with our customers that last long after that.

Our support is entirely email-based. We wrote a little ode to email right on our site. Shopify interviewed me about why support is so important to us.

When most people read “support”, their eyes glaze over. They think about call centers, about being on hold for hours, and about a faceless company reassuring them with a recorded message just how very important their call truly is.

We don’t do things like that. This is where you come in.

About you

You’re a nice person. A kind individual. Not a rockstar or a ninja — just someone who’s pleasant to work with.

You’re someone who understands that support can be different — that it needs to be different.

 Support isn’t a stepping stone for you. You’re not after a quick gig in support while you study up for another career. You get the value of deep knowledge and empathy: Support is a destination.

You understand just how important details are, in support and in life. You take the time to read every email. You never get an email from Johan and reply back with a “Hi John”. You don’t ask the same question twice in a long thread.

You don’t shy away from taking executive decisions as you work. Yes, there are procedures, but judgment is above all else. You can look at a situation, ask the right questions (not too many, not too few) and do what’s right for the customer.

Maybe you’ve never done support before, and that’s okay: Experience isn’t required here, just the right person. You may or may not be a total keyboard nerd — and that’s okay, too.

You’re looking for a fully remote role, in a company that’s been 100% remote from day one. You don’t need a system that pays you by the hour and counts your every minute. Bonus if you’re comfortable working during North American daytime hours.

Sounds interesting?

If you made it all the way here and this sounds like a good match, let’s get the ball rolling. I don’t want to see your CV or a cover letter. Our hiring process is based on a series of questionnaires, possibly followed by one or more interviews. We are only able to advance a handful of candidates to the next step, but I personally review incoming applications right from the first stage.

Let’s do this! Apply here.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/zsa-technology-labs-senior-tech-support-with-a-love-of-email-writing-and-details