Tips for Writing an Acceptance Letter for a Job

Tips for Writing an Acceptance Letter for a Job

After going through the lengthy recruitment process, you have been offered a new job and decided to accept the offer. Now, what is the best way to formally accept the offer?

Write back or make a call? It is recommendable to revert by writing an acceptance letter.

Preparing an acceptance letter requires a lot of careful handling to avoid making unnecessary mistakes. Specifically, you need time to consider whether you are ready for the offer. You also need time to review the terms and to negotiate salary.

This means writing an acceptance letter immediately after getting the offer is not a good idea.


Again, you don’t need to take too long before replying. The earlier you reply, the better. Reverting within a short period is one way to show your boss to be you are enthusiastic about the job.

Keep in mind that job offers don’t stay on the table for long. So, try to grab the opportunity by writing your acceptance letter on time.

In case you decide to turn down the offer, also make sure to let the employer or the person who contacted you know that you are not ready for the job. It is prudent and professional to communicate even when rejecting the offer.

That said, let’s have a look at some tips for writing acceptance letters that will give you an edge when reverting:

What to include in a job offer acceptance letter


Your acceptance letter must be to the point, positive, and importantly must include the following:

  • Thanks and appreciation for the job offer stating the full job title
  • Formally accept the job offer. Make sure to sign the offer and send it back.
  • Discuss the terms and conditions of employment – salary, benefits, work schedule, and starting date. This is an opportunity to clarify your employment conditions and prevent any future misunderstandings.
  • Your appreciation and enthusiasm for this opportunity.
  • Starting date of employment

Guidance on writing a job offer acceptance letter

  • Employers are often busy. So, try to write a short letter that has all the necessary information.
  • Also, remember to address your letter to the person who offered you the job. Additionally, use the right channel to send your letter. Today it is ok to send an email to confirm your acceptance.
  • Take your time to check your letter for errors. Errors in your acceptance letter may force your boss to be to think he made a wrong choice.
  • Only accept the offer once you are certain of your decision.

Examples of acceptance letters


Dear Robert,

I was excited to get your phone call yesterday. I’m writing to formally accept your employment offer for the Social Media Manager position at XYZ Company.

Thank you for the opportunity to put my skills to work, making XYZ’s brand shine across multiple platforms.

As we agreed, my starting salary will be $52,800 per year, with two weeks of paid time off. I understand that health and dental benefits will be available after ninety days of employment.

If there’s anything, you need from me prior to that start date or any documents I should bring on my first day, just let me know. I’m eager to dig in and get started on November 6, 2019.

Thanks again,


“Dear [Name],

I am excited to tell you that I have accepted my offer to join [organization name] as a [position name]. Without your help during the recruitment and hiring process, I would not have had such a great experience or learned so much about the company.

Thank you very much for your guidance and support, and I look forward to staying connected with you in the future.

All the best,

[Your Name]”