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Best Code Collaboration & Pair Programming Tools for Remote Work

Pair programming, often known as code collaboration, is a relatively new concept in the development industry, but it’s swiftly gaining traction. We see more and more two programmers working on a single project side by side, with one person creating the code (“the driver”) and the other reviewing the code (“the navigator”)

While you can use any IDE to embrace this method, selecting the best collaborative code editor for your team can help you pair programs more effectively.

The best remote code collaboration & pair programming tools



TeleportHQ is a low-code development platform that is available for free. However, there’s also enough detail for more experienced developers to meet their skill level and demands.

If you prefer to start from scratch, TeleportHQ allows you to select a fully blank template. Alternatively, you can use something elaborate to structure your code and save time.

You can share your file with another TeleportHQ member once you have a template and are ready to code. This allows them to view and collaborate on your code remotely with you. They can work on their computer next to you or across the globe.

TeleportHQ is completely free, so anyone can start using it right away.



Codeanywhere is a powerful code-editing platform that enables developers to collaborate in real time using a built-in terminal interface for tasks (ssh and FTP/STP) and share files and code from any device.

It also allows live pair programming and revision tracking with an infinite number of collaborators. In addition, you can get to your collaborator’s current code position by clicking on their icon while collaborating.

Codeanywhere costs $6 to $40 per month for monthly subscriptions, while you can save money by purchasing yearly or bi-annual memberships.



Designers and developers use CodePen, a popular social coding platform. It gives you access to “Collab Mode,” allowing many users to edit and make changes to a single pen simultaneously. Programmers can join as collaborators in Collab Mode. At the same time, all contributors can chat, type, fork, and edit. CodePen is fantastic learning, brainstorming, and collaboration tool.

Depending on your plan, you’ll be limited in the number of collaborators you can invite. Only the pen owner needs a pro membership; everyone else can use a free account or remain anonymous.

If you’re collaborating on a public pen and wish to save your progress, click the Fork button to save the actual state of your current work at that time. A fantastic tool for simple scenarios is essential when collaborating on demos, initial prototypes, or even coding interviews.

The number of collaborators varies depending on the plan, ranging from two for $8 per month to 10 for $26 per month.



Replit is a web-based collaborative IDE. That means there’s no need to download or install any additional software. In addition, it supports over 50 programming languages and is ideal for pair programming.

Replit is a trusted online software, especially among students and hobbyists, despite its lack of features. Replit is a great tool for novices, with some depth for the more experienced, and it’s completely free.



This file-sharing capability, created by Coding Monkeys, has been silently living within Coda since version 1. Coda is well-known for its many capabilities, including a useful collaboration tool that is sometimes overlooked. SubEthaEdit is Coda’s collaboration tool, which most Coda users are unfamiliar with.

Developers can collaborate and share files across a LAN or remotely by using your computer’s IP address and a specific sharing URL that allows collaborators to access your file. This allows collaborators to code, write, and change several lines, regardless of location.



Remote pair programming is available for SublimeText users via the Remote Collab plugin, allowing developers to collaborate in real time on a project. However, each session of Remote Collab is limited.

Sublime Package Control makes it easy to install Remote Collab. To host a session once it has been installed, enter the Command Palette menu in the chosen file and select Remote: Host Session. Your colleagues can join your session by typing your IP address into the Command Palette menu.

Aws cloud9

AWS Cloud9 is an in-browser coding tool that supports over 40 programming languages and includes tools for various skill levels. It allows several developers to collaborate on the same program in real-time in shared settings. It is possible to watch each other type and communicate in the IDE using the AWS Cloud9 application. However, it does not include the ‘follow my lead’ feature, which allows programmers to create sub-programs, and AWS Cloud9 costs $2 per month.

Codesandbox live

Codesandbox live

You can use the Code sandbox tool to share your sandbox and collaborate in real time. It’s similar to Google Docs, but it’s for coding. You and other developer collaborators can create, edit, delete, and move files and code simultaneously and communicate your changes and file moves in a sandbox.

All contributors can simultaneously change the code in the same document or edit other files. Every action is carried out in real-time.

The “Go Live” button in the sidebar can be used to get the URL, which will be shared with the collaborators attending the session. Others can only make edits when they’re in a live session.



GitLive is a one-of-a-kind best code collaborative code editor environment. GitLive is an extension for existing apps rather than a full-fledged program. It takes a regular non-collaborative IDE and adds all essential collaboration features.

It works with Android Studio, Visual Studio Code, GitLab, GitHub, and even non-development apps like Trello and Jira.

GitLive is free for individuals. However, organizations should expect to pay $10 per month, while enterprises will have pricing tailored to their needs.

Teletype for atom

Teletype for atom

Teletype is an integration tool for a specific IDE. Atom is the name of that IDE.

Teletype is a terrific addition to Atom, one of the well-known and configurable IDE apps. It combines real-time collaboration with a user-friendly interface. In addition, teletype is now considered a beta application. Thus it is entirely free.



Another extension-based pair programming option is CodeTogether. It’s a tool that allows several IDEs to collaborate in real time. The CodeTogether plugin is available for Eclipse, IntelliJ, PhpStorm, VS Code, and other JetBrains IDEs.

You can start a new collaboration session from any supported IDEs and invite other developers to join by sharing the link. Following that, new developers can make immediate changes to your code.

You can, however, use CodeTogether in your browser. This gives it considerable flexibility, yet it might give the impression of being incomplete depending on how you use it. CodeTogether is free to use at first, but you can upgrade to access more features. The cost of upgrading begins at $8.



Codeshare is a convenient and simple online code editor that allows developers to share their code in real time without creating an account.

Developers can write or copy code, then share it with their collaborators and debug it together for various reasons, including coding tasks for developer interviews, project reviews, and even training people to code via peer coding.

To get the URL, go to codeshare.io and select “Share Code Now” to begin typing or copying your code, then click “Share” at the top of the screen. The code will be visible in real-time to everyone who can access the URL. You can enable the “View only” mode, which is only visible to registered users if you want people to view the code.

Sharing code is free, but it saves for only 24 hours unless you register for an account, which allows you to store your work.



Drovio is one of the more “corporate ” options on this list of online code collaboration tools, with BuzzFeed, Root Insurance, and Atlassian using it.

Drovio is a great pair programming solution developed for many use cases. It can be used to collaborate on coding, designing apps and other projects, brainstorming ideas, and educating others. As a result, consider this to be more of a general collaboration software with pair programming as a feature.

Drovio is free or for a monthly fee ranging from $15 to $30, depending on which features you want and how many users will be using the app.



CoScreen is a fantastic solution for engineering teams to collaborate on screen sharing, editing, and coding.

Users can choose which program window to share with CoScreen. During a collaboration session, all users can share a window, unshare it, and share another window with a single click. 



Pop is perhaps the most versatile and collaborative pair programming software on the list. It’s jam-packed with features that make it excellent for collaborative coding at all levels, not just novices and experts. Furthermore, you don’t need to integrate it with anything else because it’s all-in-one.

Pop is distinguished by its distinct features. It works on several platforms, allows you to collaborate using the mouse, and is ideal for working on a project or teaching someone how to code.

While it’s currently in beta, the plan is free, and the corporate plan is only $25 per month.

What should you look for in a code collaboration tool?

Minimum configuration

Quick collaboration is a requirement. However, it is unlikely to be ideal for team live-coding if the tool necessitates configuring the server, terminals, IDEs, libraries, codebase, and so on.

Ecosystem specific

Tools like JSFiddle, which JavaScript developers generally use, are a good option in this instance. Such tools are designed with the best practices in mind by developers and designers using the programming language or framework.

UI customization

Programmers typically choose a user interface that is familiar to them. Taking a survey of the developer teams to determine their preferences would help you select the best tool for the job. TeleType for Atom, for example, allows you to customize the styling.


A secure code repository to access and share libraries, code snippets, and other artifacts are required for efficient collaboration. For this, you should look at CloudRepo.

The increase in business productivity is a clear result of using collaborative tools. A list of collaborative coding tools is provided below, including various code collaboration and pair programming solutions available on the market.


We’ve concluded our list of remote collaboration and pair programming tools. Each tool has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. We hope this information helped you find the best option for working remotely.


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