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Best Paying Remote Jobs

The way most of us think about work is changing due to remote employment. Jobs that were once beyond reach are now within our grasp, and the potential to make more while working from anywhere has never been greater.

Remote jobs with the best pay

Back-End Software Engineer

$126,880 in salary

Behind the scenes, back-end engineers create and manage the server software and databases that power apps. You’ll perform well in this role if you’re detail-oriented and have good problem-solving abilities.

A bachelor’s degree in computer science and a good understanding of standard programming languages such as Ruby and PHP are required.

Front-End Software Engineer

$111,377 in salary

Front-end engineers utilize programming languages such as JavaScript to create the user interface of apps. Because they collaborate closely with designers and back-end programmers, you’ll need excellent communication skills to succeed in this position.

A bachelor’s degree in computer science is required, as well as knowledge of programming languages such as HTML and JavaScript and graphic design applications such as Adobe Illustrator.

SEO Marketing Manager and Content Writer

Turning remote might also help you if you have marketing experience. A remote content writer’s annual salary ranges from $50,000 to $70,000. Some of the most successful writers may even surpass the $100,000 threshold.

With an average income of $50,000, entry-level SEO practitioners may make a comfortable life. And SEO managers are handsomely compensated, with yearly salaries ranging from $60,000 to $85,000.

Telehealth Nurse Practitioner

$111,370 in salary

Patients benefit from telemedicine services from remote nurse practitioners, who share responsibilities with medical physicians. They diagnose illnesses, write prescriptions, suggest lifestyle modifications, and assist in coordinating patient care.

A master’s degree in nursing is required, certification from the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners or the American Nurses Credentialing Center, and a current license in the applicable state.

Data Scientist

The average base pay for a data scientist is $96,589. Data science is one of the greatest and highest-paying small occupations available, yet it is neither an easy job nor a simple area to start.

They work for big and small businesses, including the major social media platforms, e-commerce giants like Amazon, and businesses in various industries ranging from health care to logistics.

There’s no reason this profession can’t be done remotely because data scientists operate mostly from a computer. Finding a firm that generally enables remote work and then asking/negotiating to go remote is all it takes to turn this job into a remote function.

You’ll need a bachelor’s degree in computer science or Mathematics, or you’ll need to attend a software coding boot camp with a concentration in data science to get an entry-level data science job.

Product Manager

$94,704 in salary

From software services to video games, product managers are in charge of making strategic decisions that assure the success of a company’s new product. They also arrange product introductions across different departments, which necessitates exceptional organizational and management abilities.

Product design or engineering bachelor’s degree, product marketing expertise, and presentation abilities are required.

User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) Designer

$91,990 in salary

User interface and user experience designers produce products that give excellent end-user experiences. They employ survey and usability testing to identify the optimal design for the most user-friendly navigation on various apps, platforms, and websites.

A Master’s degree in psychology, communications, graphic design, or computer science is required.

Network Engineer

$90,926 in salary

Network engineers can prosper if they are technically minded and like solving issues. They look after clients’ computer networks and fix any issues that develop.

Bachelor’s degree in information technology or a related discipline is required, as is the ability to learn new technologies swiftly.

Information Technology Manager

$87,289 in salary

IT administrators set up and maintain technological infrastructure and teach employees how to utilize computers and software. A bachelor’s degree in computer or information technology is required, as are a few years of IT experience and leadership abilities.

Database Administrator

$86,833 in salary

A professional database administrator could suit you if you’re a logical thinker. They solve database problems, recover data, and ensure that confidential corporate data is safe.

A bachelor’s degree in information technology or computer science is required, as well as proficiency in Structured Query Language.

Financial Reporting Systems Analyst

$82,901 in salary

This analyst profession is responsible for implementing and maintaining financial systems to ensure they are in excellent working condition. Generating financial statement reports, upgrading system menus, onboarding new users, and troubleshooting are all part of the job description.

Bachelor’s degree in math or finance is required, as well as good problem-solving abilities.

Software Implementation Consultant

$81,093 in salary

Software implementation consultants advise companies on the best software solutions for their specific needs and teach employees how to utilize new applications. A bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance and communication abilities are required.

Animator or Video Creator 

$56,027 in salary

Visual effects and graphics for television, movies, games, YouTube videos, and other media are created by animators. Therefore, artistic abilities and technical expertise in animation tools such as Unity are required.

No remote experience, no problem

To be clear, we’re not implying that you can get a high-paying remote job without prior experience. Rather, we’re talking about the first time you transfer from an office job to remote employment.

There’s a significant distinction here. You may have years of schooling, certificates, and real-world experience under your belt, depending on your employment history.

This CV and skill set will help you stand out from the crowd and demonstrate your worth to hiring managers.

On the other hand, as we saw directly during coronavirus lockdowns, anyone can learn how to function remotely. For example, teams may teach new workers about the specific remote technologies and rules they use or send them to view tutorials and explainer films about how these operate.

Understanding the requirements for remote jobs and careers

If you’re unsure, seek people presently holding the positions you desire on LinkedIn and look into their academic background and professional path. It might be a warning flag if you intend to take an online course or boot camp but can’t find any workers from prominent organizations who have done so.

I believe you will find this to be the case with data science. With a coding boot camp background, you’ll be able to manage some fundamental work obligations, but your advancement will be limited as you get additional years of expertise. However, each sector is unique, so you should conduct your study.

Wrapping up

The amount you earn will be determined by your experience, talents, and degree of competence, much as in in-house positions. The more each category you have, the better your income will be.

Our purpose with this post was to debunk the idea that working remotely requires a wage decrease. Now you know it’s quite feasible to make a good living doing what you enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

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