Headquarters: Stockholm

URL: https://dathost.net/

About DatHost
DatHost is a gameserver hosting provider with a focus on competitive and survival titles such as CS:GO & Valheim. We help gamers enjoy multiplayer game experiences with their friends.
Unlike most other game server hosting providers, we’ve built our own game server management software and infrastructure ourselves from scratch. We’ve done this in order to build the best possible user experience. We realize that most players that come to us just want to get on the server and start playing with their friends, so we focus on making things as simple as possible with as few interruptions to their gaming experience as possible.
DatHost also offers gameserver hosting for CS:GO platforms and pro teams such as Heroic, ENCE, BrutalCS, Popflash and Leetify.
DatHost is a small team of four people today, so you’ll join at an early and exciting stage in the company’s journey.

About the role
We’re looking for someone to take over primary responsibility for our customer support. DatHost is a technical product, and even if we don’t require any prior knowledge or experience, it’s a good thing if you have an interest and affinity for computer technology to help you learn as fast as possible.

Our usual support tickets involve helping users in troubleshooting issues related to their game servers, providing guidance on game server configuration, and billing-related inquiries. We pride ourselves on providing best-in-class support, so you need to be able to craft well-written emails and care about creating great user experiences.

While DatHost is growing rapidly, and our support load with it, we don’t expect the support workload to be enough to fill an entire workday, meaning you’ll likely have some time left over for other things. Our hope is that you’re the kind of person that will see this as an opportunity to learn new skills and get involved in other parts of the company so that you can grow your career, instead of spending that time browsing Reddit.

As a small company, you have the chance to be involved in practically any part of the company, and we’d love to hear your thoughts on which areas you’re most interested in pursuing a career in. To give some ideas, some of the areas we see ourselves needing help with in the short term that could be opportunities for you to dive into are content creation, partnerships, user research, and product design. We’re looking for an ambitious person in the early stages of their career that will make the most of this opportunity and grow with the company.

It’s a great thing if you have an interest in games, since a lot of support questions, and building our product, require some familiarity with the games.

The role is fully remote, but you will occasionally be asked to attend meetups with the rest of the team. DatHost is a Swedish company and we’re currently only looking to hire in Europe.


Send us your resume and a few words on why you think you’re a good fit for this role. Even if you’re early in your career, we’d also love to hear about any projects you’ve already been involved in and what you learned from those.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/dathost-customer-support-champion