Headquarters: United States

URL: https://start.thesalesconnection.com/ww

Elite Sales Representative – Championing Online Branding and Business Growth

About the Client:
This pioneering firm, led by an inspiring figure known for her transition from VH1 host and Broadway actress to a globally celebrated motivational speaker and business innovator, stands at the forefront of digital brand building and entrepreneurial growth.

Renowned for their expertise in online education and event management, they excel in equipping entrepreneurs with the tools to flourish, utilizing groundbreaking AI and networking techniques.

Their leadership, recognized as one of the World’s Top 50 Speakers, perfectly fuses artistic vision with astute business strategy, making them an ideal choice for anyone seeking to elevate their brand to new heights of success and influence

Role Overview:
Join our elite sales team and become a pivotal part of a transformative journey in the dynamic world of branding and marketing. This is your chance to work in a high-energy environment, collaborating with top industry experts. 

You’ll be at the forefront, introducing innovative branding and marketing solutions to a diverse, global clientele. Propel your career by immersing yourself in this exciting role, where every day brings new challenges and opportunities to excel.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Actively connect with high-potential leads, discerning their specific requirements to tailor and propose impactful solutions.
  • Catalyze substantial sales growth by articulately showcasing the advantages of AI-enhanced branding techniques.
  • Innovatively collaborate with peers to refine sales strategies, staying agile in a dynamic market landscape.
  • Engage in essential travel (three times annually) for client-centric events and meetings, fostering deeper connections and uncovering new business avenues

Ideal Candidate:
We’re on the hunt for a sales professional, someone who’s not just dipped their toes but has dived deep into the world of high-value transactions. Your track record should sparkle with success in areas like coaching sales, online educational products, or value-driven solutions. While a savvy understanding of AI’s role in branding and marketing is a definite plus, it’s your core sales expertise that we’re really after.
You’re the kind of person who thrives on challenge and change, adapting swiftly and smoothly to the dynamic rhythms of a fast-paced work environment. Your mindset isn’t just about reaching goals; it’s about surpassing them and continually pushing the boundaries of personal and professional growth.
But here’s the real clincher: you’re not just about the sale. You understand the art of connection, the power of making clients feel supported and at ease. Your background might include coaching or a similar realm where nurturing growth and development are key. You’ve walked the path of self-improvement and know the value of investing in oneself.
If you’re someone who combines the grit and determination of a seasoned sales professional with the empathetic touch of a coach, we’re looking for you.

Come join us and let’s redefine what it means to succeed in sales together.

Your Opportunity Awaits
Dive into a world where your sales expertise isn’t just valued – it’s celebrated.

Here, every day is an opportunity to surpass boundaries and redefine success. Join us, and transform not just your career, but also the way the world sees sales excellence.

  • Join a Trailblazing Team: Be a part of a leading company revolutionizing online branding and business growth.
  • Unmatched Earning Potential: Thrive in a high-performance arena with performance-based bonuses, enticing incentives, and uncapped commissions.
  • Flexible Work-Life Balance: Enjoy the freedom of working from home and the flexibility it brings to your personal and professional life.
  • Innovative and Collaborative Culture: Immerse yourself in a workplace buzzing with innovation, excellence, and a team-first attitude.
  • Premier Sales Skill Enhancement: Benefit from top-tier sales training and mentorship programs designed to elevate your sales prowess.
  • Elite Team Environment: Collaborate with champions. Join a circle of winners dedicated to achieving remarkable victories together.
Step into a role that’s not just a job, but a career-defining journey for sales professionals. Imagine collaborating with top-tier clients, and becoming a pivotal part of a team at the forefront of digital innovation in branding and marketing. This isn’t just another sales position; it’s your gateway to ascend to new professional heights, where your impact resonates in the ever-evolving landscape of digital transformation.

Work from home 
Flexible Schedule 
OTE: $220k-$250K+ USD 

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/the-sales-connection-senior-account-executive