Reasons Why You Are Not Hearing Back about Jobs

Not hearing from employers about your applications? There are many reasons why you never hear back after applying for jobs or even after interviews. We know how this can be frustrating, and this piece is tailored to help you understand why.

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Below are some explanations as to why you are not hearing from employers about your application.

  • Limited resources

This is true for small businesses that may not have the resources to follow up with every candidate. Large companies may have invested in software that allows them to notify every applicant where they stand in the application process. 

  • No defined procedures

If a company does not have an elaborate system for notifying candidates where they stand in the application process, then it is likely you will never get feedback.

  • You lacked the required credentials.

Employers clearly indicate the kind of person they are looking to hire. If you don’t meet the threshold, you will probably never hear back because most employers are only interested in those who stand out.

  • You didn’t submit the required document.

Not attaching all the documents required is another reason why you never receive responses from your application.  

  • Your resume doesn’t match the job requirement.

Is your resume showing why you are the best candidate? If not, don’t be surprised if you never get feedback. Customizing your resume for every application increases your chances of grabbing the attention of employers.

  • Your resume is messy.

To win the heart of employers, you must submit a well-formatted and error-free resume. Not doing so gives recruiters a reason to knock you out of the hiring process. And that can mean no reply for you.

  • Someone else was hired.

If someone else was considered, the company might decide not to notify you.

  • Change of hiring plans

Many things can affect hiring plans. Changes in company policies, management issues, and budget allocation are some of the things that can halt hiring. If that is the case, the recruiting team may decide not to respond to your applications.

  • The company is doing more screening.

The hiring process is intense. It involves many things. For example, your social media accounts may be screened in the process. And if anything that is not in line with a company pops up during the screening process, there is a chance you will hear back from the employer.

After a job interview

Most of the reasons we have discussed above also explain why you may never hear from employers after a job interview. The company may decide to put the job on hold or may have picked other candidates who emerged as a good fit for the company’s culture.

Other possible reasons include:

  • Another candidate was referred by a current employee and gained an advantage in the selection process.
  • You lied on your resume
  • You used a cell phone during the interview
  • Bad-mouthing about the employer. Watch your tongue as you may be bad-mouthing your potential bosses.
  • Not having a permit to work in the state, country, or region where there is an opening.

What to do when you don’t hear back


While there are several things you can do if you don’t hear back from employers, the best option is to do nothing. Just be patient, as some hiring processes are a bit longer compared to others.

The other option is to follow up with the employer to see where you stand. We know this is not easy, but sometimes it is the only option.

If you decide to follow up, we recommend you wait for at least two to three weeks. That way, you will have given the company enough time to review all applications.

Writing a thank-you note or calling the hiring manager after the interview is another excellent way to follow up, especially after the interview.

Don’t stop the search.

It is ok to keep searching for new opportunities as you wait to hear back from employers. Until then, you are 100% you have the job; keep applying and never give up even when you don’t get feedback.

Just do your part well; for example, customize your resume, and things will work well for you.

Hopefully, you now understand why sometimes you never get to hear back from employers.

Good luck with your job search!   

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