Finding a Job: Being Unemployed in Today’s Economy

Getting laid off in today’s economy can be a major blow to the ego, not to mention the bank account. Most people do not have the luxury of waiting until their dream job comes along before they need to start working again, especially if they have a family to take care of.

With unemployment on the rise, the biggest problem is getting noticed when there are hundreds or even thousands of resumes being submitted for the same position. Finding a job takes a lot of action and hard work.

Create an Employment Resume that gets Recognition

The first thing that every newly unemployed person needs to do to find a job is to get his resume in order and ready to submit to available positions. A general resume should be written to serve as a base resume that can be edited as needed.

A separate and distinct resume should be created for each separate job title. Be sure to highlight relevant experience, training, or certifications that would set the resume apart from others.

It is a great idea to get the free resume critique that is offered on most job-hunting websites. When the resume is perfected, post it everywhere, and be sure to refresh postings at least bi-weekly.

Create a Network

Creating a network of human resources specialists, industry experts, and placement recruiters are crucial to finding a job that isn’t posted anywhere. Social networking through websites such as Linkedin and Facebook can provide valuable leads for those who are unemployed.

Sign up for industry groups, forums, and newsletters and actively participate in discussions, especially those that are created by hiring managers and recruiters. Create a profile and post a resume on it.

Resumes should also be sent to every single recruiting agency in the area. Also, send them to hiring managers of companies that regularly employ people in positions that are relevant.

It is important that a list of resumes is kept sent, not only for unemployment purposes but to follow up on resumes after a few weeks.

Actively Seek Out Feedback

Those that are unemployed should actively seek feedback on interviews and resume submissions. Create a relationship with the recruiter for any positions applied to when trying to find a job.

Be polite and ask for feedback regarding why an interview was not requested or a job was not offered for any position for which a resume is submitted. Ask how a resume can be improved upon and what specific companies are now looking for in candidates.

The most important thing for the unemployed to do when trying to find a job is to ask that their resume be kept on file for future openings.

Several weeks or even months may pass before the same recruiter may call again, but for higher income or executive positions, jobs are few and far between. Another similar position might only come around every few months or so.

Think Outside of the Box

When trying to find a job, the unemployed should realize that every other job seeker is applying to positions the same way that they are. Try to think of ways to get recognized that other people aren’t trying.

One way is to perform an internet search for all companies in the area who perform a specific service or sell a certain product. Check out each company’s job listings and submit a resume to the hiring manager. A cover letter should be included in every email or fax stating accomplishments, training, etc.

Submit Employment Resumes and Follow Up on Them, Repeat

It is very important that those trying to find a job do not get discouraged. Those who are unemployed need to remember that it now takes an average of six months to even a year to find a job now.

Persistence, networking, and feedback are key to no longer being unemployed.