Founded in 2019, Cake Group is a leading decentralised finance services provider and Southeast Asia’s fastest growing fintech platform. "We Do Crypto. You Do You." – Our vision is to become a one-stop platform for all crypto users to get easy access to DeFi and Web3 services. To date, more than 1 million users from over 190 countries trust us to manage over $1 billion in assets. We are a profitable, cashflow positive private rocket ship that's just getting ready for take-off. Join us.

About Levain: Levain is a dynamic company at the forefront of the decentralized economy, simplifying blockchain integration into business foundations. We provide essential tools and services, including self-custody wallets, APIs & SDKs, and comprehensive business management dashboards, to clients who operate crypto startups, fintechs, exchanges, treasury managers, and neobanks. Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs and companies to capitalize on opportunities within the crypto space.

Role Overview: As a Performance Marketing Specialist at Levain, you will play a pivotal role in shaping our B2B marketing strategies. You will drive the distribution efforts of Levain, with core focus on strategic planning, sales alignment and the creation/execution of campaigns that effectively reach and resonate with businesses in the crypto, fintech, and digital asset sectors.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Strategic Campaign Execution: Develop and manage marketing campaigns tailored to businesses in the crypto and fintech sectors. Emphasis on understanding and addressing the unique needs of these markets.
  2. Innovative Distribution Channels: Identify and utilize new and effective methods/channels for reaching this particular B2B audience involved in crypto and related technologies.
  3. Data-Driven Marketing: Leverage analytics to refine campaign strategies, ensuring alignment with the evolving needs of the blockchain and crypto business community.
  4. Budget Optimization: Efficiently manage budgets, focusing on maximizing ROI within the B2B sector, especially under resource constraints.
  5. Cross-Functional Collaboration: Work closely with product development, engineering, and sales teams to ensure a cohesive and integrated marketing approach that aligns with Levain Tech’s offerings and market position.
  6. Sales Alignment: Lead generation, tracking and management as well as stage-specific nurture campaigns for prospects.

Desired Expertise:

  • Proven track record in B2B marketing, preferably within the crypto/blockchain/Web3 space.
  • Strong understanding of the crypto ecosystem and its impact on various business sectors.
  • Ability to navigate and innovate in a rapidly evolving tech landscape.

Ideal Candidate Profile:

  • A hands-on, proactive approach to marketing execution.
  • Creative and strategic thinking, with a knack for identifying unique B2B opportunities.
  • Excellent analytical and communication skills.
  • Eager to join and grow with a leading company in the crypto technology sector.
  • Deep understanding/willingness to learn about our technology, or, the ability to demonstrate previous learning capabilities.

What We Offer:

  • The opportunity to work at the cutting edge of blockchain and crypto technology.
  • A vibrant, inclusive, and growth-oriented work environment.
  • Significant potential for personal and professional development.
  • A key role in a company that’s driving innovation in the decentralized economy.

We want to transform and decentralise finance with tomorrow’s technology. This is where you come in. Join a company that is at the forefront of bleeding-edge innovations in blockchain and DeFi. You will be empowered to push boundaries and think out of the box. You will get to work with a bunch of ridiculously motivated and talented people. And most importantly, you'll have fun. The best places to work at, are often also the most fun to work at. That's us.

We hire based on merit, fit, and strong alignment to our culture. Our culture is defined by 7 team principles: Integrity, Resourcefulness, Ownership, Meritocratic Decision-making, Customer Obsession, Radical Candour, and Passion. These 7 principles guide our company, our people, and our work. At Cake Group, our culture is our pride. It has been instrumental to our success, so we are steadfast in our commitment to it. We welcome you to add to it.