Best Apps for Time Tracking While Working Remote

 You can effortlessly monitor your remote staff with the correct employee monitoring software. Software like this keeps tabs on remote workers’ productivity by tracking their time on various tasks.

Features to look for in a time-tracking app

Before choosing a time tracking app, here are some features and functionality you can consider.

Automated time tracking

The ability to track and record the time the employee spent on projects or tasks.

Management of timesheet

This will make payroll processing more accurate and efficient since users can already edit and approve the timesheets.

Billing and invoicing

This allows creating invoices for hours to be billed and requesting client payments.


The ability of employees to clock in or out in their respective work zones.

Offline mode

Capability to record time even with the absence of internet connectivity

Report generation

Ability to create a summary or report of the time spent by each employee on specific projects or tasks.

Top time tracking apps 

Based on the features and functionalities mentioned above, here are some top-time tracking apps worth investing in.


DeskTime is time-tracking. It’s chock-full of tips and tricks to help you make the most of your time at work. This simple-to-use app is available for both desktop and mobile devices. Businesses and freelancers alike can use this.

Time Tracker provides interfaces with project management programs like Asana, Basecamp, Jira, GitLab, and Trello, as well as Google and Outlook calendars.


  • Has personnel monitoring, project management, and productivity measurement
  • Categories web pages and programs into “Productive” and “Unproductive for better identifying inefficient work practices.
  • It can track how much time you spend on each task, productivity, and efficiency throughout the day.


They have a free plan for one person, but the Pro Plan costs $7 monthly for each additional user. Larger teams and annual subscriptions are eligible for discounts.


If you are looking for a time-tracking app with a user-friendly design and sophisticated collaboration features, ProofHub is for you. This app is both an online project management and time tracking software.

Using ProofHub’s time reports, you can keep tabs on individual output. In addition, streamlining your billing and invoicing process works with programs like FreshBooks.

Additional capabilities include online proofing, file sharing, group chat, bespoke processes, kanban boards, note-taking, and more.


  • Ability to manually enter time
  • Timesheets can be used to store data for invoicing purposes
  • It has an automatic timer that begins measuring your billable hours as soon as you begin a task


Unlimited users and projects for $89 monthly, payable annually for ultimate control.

Timely App

Timely is an AI that learns how you operate on your computer over time, making it even more appealing and easy to use. After that, the AI will begin creating time entries for you, saving you valuable time and effort.

Used by more than 5,000 companies in 160 countries, this AI-based time monitoring app aids in checking whether or not remote workers are working. A user-friendly design helps managers maintain tabs on their distant staff.

In addition, this app offers budgeting, human resources (HR), project management, and team leadership.

It’s possible to analyze the project’s dashboard, split tasks, and discover how much each member contributed to its success. In addition, KPIs may be tracked, personnel can be organized into teams, and other such things are conceivable for remote employees.

Various reports, both internal and external, are available from Timely.


  • Tracking of KPIs and team organization
  • Has privacy settings for each user
  • With reports to show what employees do and spend their time on
  • Ability to categorize your time depending on activities, websites visited, and technologies employed.


There are three pricing options: $10/user/month, $18/user/month, and $26/user/month for Unlimited.  A 14-day free trial with a 20% discount if you pay annually is available.


The top review hubs all have this app as their top pick because TSheets by QuickBooks is a web, mobile, and time clock kiosk-based time tracking system. One click is all it takes for employees to clock in or out.

This has been renamed QuickBooks Time and is now integrated into QuickBooks. In addition, mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptops allow your staff to keep track of their time no matter where they are.


  • Tracks both estimated and actual hours spent.
  • Capability to monitor where and how staff spend their time on each project


A 14-day free trial with a 50% discount for more than 50 users is available. The Premium and Elite versions are priced at $8/user/month + $20 base fee/month, respectively.


More than 3,000 businesses in 70 countries rely on Everhour. It is because Everhour is an excellent web-based software for monitoring whether or not remote workers are putting in the time.

Every project, budget, schedule, and alert is kept up to date. In addition, Everhour will automatically sync all of your project data.

Hence, project management tools may be integrated with their time-tracking features. In terms of cost, customer-specific pricing is an option.


  • Ability to create reports and invoices for customers
  • Allows time tracking integration with project management apps


A 14-day free trial is included in all paid subscriptions. With a minimum of 5 users, each user will pay 10 dollars a month. Or an annual payment of 8.5 dollars each, with at least 5 users.

Monday is a cloud-based work operating system with a mobile app for iOS and Android. This allows software access from any iOS or Android-enabled mobile device. is appropriate for small to large organizations in terms of time management.

You may estimate how much time and money you’ll need to complete a given activity thanks to the app’s accurate capture of the time frame for each task completion. The timer can also be turned on or off or manually entered by the user, depending on the project.

In addition, other work and team management applications, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Excel, Zapier, Basecamp, and others, are all compatible with


  • Captures accurate time frames for completing specified tasks.
  • Automated boards for reducing human mistakes and for added efficiency
  • Can generate thorough reports with a breakdown of time spent on activities, projects, or clients.


Plans start at $39 monthly for the Basic, $49 for the Standard, and $79 for the Pro.


If you are looking for cost reduction, operations improvement, and a spike in employee productivity, one of the best time trackers you can use is ClickTime. Over the past two decades, ClickTime has provided services to 65 countries.

Customer service and support are also not an issue since it is international. Through this simple automatic time tracking software, you can expand project visibility and understand performance.


  • With more than 80 pre-built reports for time tracking and analyzing


A 14-day free trial is included in all paid subscriptions. Starting at $12 per user per month, the Team plan is $16 per user per month, and the Premier plan is $28 per user per month.

Hours Tracker

In terms of functionality, work time and employee earnings, company expenses, and payment dates are all tracked by the Hours tracker app. This is a good option for those who don’t need more than the most basic time-tracking capabilities.

In addition, a mobile app, Hours, lets you keep track of your jobs and move between them in a matter of seconds.


  • Ability to change recorded timestamps
  • Allows color-coding of tasks for ease of management and differentiation


Starting at $8 per user per month and $80 per user per year, HoursTracker is a simple and easy-to-use program that can be used by both home and mobile workers.

Time Doctor

If you want to keep a tab on what your employees are working on at any given time, you might want to consider Time Doctor. This app reduces the likelihood of laziness. It combines time-tracking, staff monitoring, and project management toolsets.

It’s a great way to keep tabs on your staff because it provides you with a wealth of information.


  • Managers’ ability to take screenshots of their employees’ desktops
  • Provides detailed analytics of where your time is going For productivity and performance boosting


The Basic plan costs $7 a month, the Standard plan costs $10 a month, and the Premium plan costs $20. Teams of ten or more are eligible for a discount specific to their needs. A 14-day free trial is included in all paid subscriptions.


It’s much easier to arrange your time and resources when you know which projects are delayed and over budget. There is a new Android app for Toggl, making tracking your time and increasing productivity easy. Over one hundred well-known apps are compatible with Toggl.

With Toggl, projects can be quickly set up, responsibilities assigned, and anticipated dates and budgets created for each project involved.

In addition, Toggl is a user-friendly time monitoring tool that relies on a timer to keep track of progress. 


  • Ability to transition between tasks through the stop feature
  • Has integrations for Chrome, Mozilla, Android, iPhone, and PC.
  • Project time reports can be shared in Excel, CSV, or PDF format
  • Features capability for invoice creation and directly sent from the app


You may choose from three different pricing plans, each with different features. Starter costs $9 per month per user, Premium costs $18 per month per user, and Enterprise costs $49 per month per user.


In terms of time monitoring, Hubstaff is one of the best. Using the software, your team may track their time, tasks, and whereabouts in numerous ways.

For example, team members can use the mobile app, desktop version, or Google Chrome extension to log their time. In addition, to keep track of your employees even while they’re out of the office or away from the office, you may use this time tracking tool for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


  • Gives thorough reports that illustrate the activity of your personnel on each project
  • Can automate the sending of invoices and the processing of payroll.


Pricing for the Basic and Premium plans begins at $7 and $10 per month, respectively.


Time tracking and timesheets for remote teams of all sizes are made simple with Clockify, a free tool. You can use it as a browser-based web app or download and install it on your PC or mobile device.

It doesn’t matter which compatible device or browser you use to utilize Clockify because it features a simple, elegant, and intuitive interface. This web app can view your and your existing team’s progress anytime from any location.

Moreover, it’s free to use for as many people as you like. In terms of privacy, Clockify has servers, ensuring the highest level of privacy and security.

Finally, stopwatches assist your team get started and end working, while the default project is a stopwatch that automatically allocates time to your project of choice.


  • With a reminder in case someone forgets to start the timer
  • Keep track of how much time you and your colleagues spend on various projects.


Offers a no-cost edition. It costs $9.99/month for the Plus version, $29.99/month for the Premium version, and $9.99 per user per month for the Enterprise version.


Keeping track of your time daily might help you enhance productivity and keep your remote team organized. This is especially critical if your personnel is spread across multiple time zones, so you can’t maintain continuous communication.

You can easily keep tabs on your employees with the correct employee website monitoring solution. It doesn’t have to be difficult to keep tabs on your remote staff. You and your team may save time, money, and effort by working smarter rather than harder.

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