Headquarters: Oxford, UK

URL: https://getellipsis.com

Ellipsis is a world-class SEO Content agency. SEO is winner-takes-all, and we make our clients the winners. We produce SEO Content that achieves top rankings for clients at scale.

Our current positioning is focused on the WordPress ecosystem, and we’re about to roll out new positioning entirely focused on delivering world-class SEO Content to technology businesses – we’re already world-class, and our aim is to be the very best at SEO Content in the world.

Our flagship service is Content Growth, our best-in-class done-for-you SEO Content service. We produce ~80 pieces of content per month for clients.

Content Growth drives excellent results for our clients. This is powered by the combination of our robust process and our in-house technology. FALCON AI is our proprietary tech we’ve built to make Content Growth so good. This is all designed and built in-house. FALCON AI was featured in the New York Times last year and is patent pending.

As our new SEO Specialist, you’ll play a key part in our continued delivery of world-class SEO Content. You’ll be responsible for the very beginning of our content process, including keyword selection and writing content briefs. You’ll have the opportunity to go deep into client sites and clients products.

Ellipsis is growing quickly. We do outstanding work and are building something special. It’s an exciting time to join us.

Your main responsibility will be to own the beginning our content process, including keyword selection and writing content briefs.
This role is an essential part of our SEO Content service. You’ll have the opportunity to make an impact across a wide range of clients and websites – from clients starting SEO from scratch, to large enterprise clients.

You’ll work with our world-class Strategy team and use our FALCON AI to help find excellent keywords, that we’ll produce content pieces for. You’ll then work with our Content team to produce extremely detailed content briefs for many of the keywords you select.

Keyword selection is incredibly important for us. If we select the right keywords for a client, we can get them top rankings. If we select the wrong keywords, the client won’t get the ranking. We use our FALCON AI to help with keyword selection. You’ll be working with FALCON to build keyword clusters, find the perfect keywords, and then create detailed reports for clients explaining why each keyword is a great fit for them.

We produce incredibly detailed content briefs, and you’ll be working on these. Our content briefs aim to capture everything the writer needs to know about a topic. You’ll need to quickly understand topics – typically about SaaS products/businesses – and produce detailed content briefs.

SEO Content is evolving rapidly in 2023, and we’re evolving faster. We’ve been building FALCON AI for nearly 3 years and leverage AI and GPT-4 in our content process. We build on what the AI can do, with our expertise. You don’t need to be familiar with AI SEO but you do need to be happy learning and adapting quickly to the cutting edge.

You’ll be given support from colleagues, but also space to “Deep Work” your best work. You’ll need to be comfortable working independently, working projects through process to completion, and communicating effectively and clearly.

This role requires a mix of data and creativity. This is an SEO role, but we’re open to candidates coming from creative/content backgrounds including generalist digital marketing. It will suit candidates who are curious, ambitious, and keen to learn quickly.

We’ll give you a front-row seat to the future of SEO, the opportunity to learn and progress, and the opportunity to contribute to a world-class process and team. It’s an exciting time and an exciting role!

Requirements: hard skills

  • 2-4+ years of SEO, Content and/or digital marketing experience
  • Comfortable working with large amounts of data in spreadsheets
  • Strong attention to detail
  • SEO and Content expertise with a desire to learn more
  • Significant overlap with GMT/CET (UK/EU) timezones
Requirements: soft skills
  • Fantastic communication skills: Remote work relies on mutual trust, so frequent and clear written communication is essential
  • Receptive to feedback and solutions-oriented: We share and learn from each other honestly, openly and easily
  • High level of self-awareness, a “people person”: You’ll be dealing with writers and clients on a daily basis, so this is an integral part of the role
  • Proven organisational skills: You must be obsessive with deadlines, managing and updating tasks, and totally reliable
  • Self-driven work ethic: You need to be self-motivated, comfortable taking the initiative and see projects through to completion
Compensation and benefits:
  • This is a full-time, 100% remote role. You’ll be a full team member, and involved in our team projects, work, and meetups
  • Competitive salary with pension benchmarked to UK rates and based on experience. This is £25k to £29k for this role
  • 28 days of paid holiday
  • Regular team retreats (to fun places! ~2 per year)
  • Attend conferences in Europe (1-2 per year)
  • Plenty of scope for personal development, and to grow and add more responsibilities as the business grows
  • Maternity/paternity leave, and sick pay
  • Sustainable business: we are aiming to become a B Corp by the end of 2023.
The application process:
It’s important we find the best candidate for this position, and our selection process will reflect this. We’ll review applications on a rolling basis but interviews start after the closing date. There’s thus no benefit to rushing to apply: we will bias heavily towards your application’s answers rather than your CV, and we’d love for you to take your time.

We’re fortunate to receive a large volume of applications. You can make your application stand out by paying special attention to the main responsibilities of this role, and “how to apply”. If you think you’re a fit, or could be a fit – go for it!

We use video calls for interviews. You’ll have video interviews using Google Meet, including with your prospective line manager, a prospective peer, and the Managing Director.

We understand that this is as much you interviewing us, as the other way round. Throughout the interview process, we’re extremely happy to answer your questions about the business, working here, and the future of the company.

The final stage of our hiring process is a paid test project, which will be similar to work you could expect to do if you were hired. We’ll give you a week to complete the project, but expect that you’ll only need ~4 hours.

Following the completion of trial projects, we’ll ask for professional references from a previous manager and co-worker. We ask candidates to introduce us to their references, for a 10 min call or email conversation. We then expect to move to make an offer quickly.

We do great work for clients and are building an ethical business that lets everyone do their best work. If you think you could be the next person to join our team, please apply 🙂

How to apply:
Please apply through Workable: https://apply.workable.com/getellipsis/. We will decide who progresses to the next stage based on the form you submit, and your CV. Please give us a good reason to select you! Taking the time to research the role, see who we are, what we do, and what you can do for us will increase your chance of success. Your cover letter is where you have the space to do this.

Ellipsis is an equal opportunity workplace and is committed to equal employment opportunity.

Whilst we love technology and sit at the leading edge of its adoption (we automate hundreds of thousands of actions a month internally), we want to hear from you rather than from ChatGPT.

We will be screening applications for AI-generated content and will automatically disqualify AI-generated applications.

The deadline for submission is the end of the day, on 15th May 2023. We’ll be in touch with all candidates, following the close of applications.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/ellipsis-seo-specialist-remote-overlap-with-eu-hours-25k-29k