As an Escalations Lead at Honor, you are responsible for promoting a safe care environment for our clients and Care Pros. You will do so through vigilant monitoring of safety escalation channels, and ensuring that reported escalated events are handled appropriately. You will deploy your clinical experience, critical thinking, established protocols and emotional discipline to evaluate incident severity and provide real-time guidance and feedback to maintain the health and safety of clients and care professionals. As an Escalations Lead you will also review care plans and generate recommendations for improvement to provide a safer, quality care experience. Your commitment to accurate documentation, ability to operate independently, and exceptional interpersonal skills contribute to maintaining operational excellence and delivering high-quality care, emphasizing the safety of clients and care professionals.

About the work:

  • Monitor multiple Trust & Safety channels (phone/slack) to triage and provide real-time guidance to maintain client and care professionals health and safety.
    • Conduct a thorough assessment of each reported incident nature and severity through client and Care Pro interviews, review of care notes and Care Plans, and collaboration with the daily operating team.   
    • Leverage established protocols and critical thinking to develop recommendations and provide direction to key stakeholders.
    • Communicate effectively with individuals in distress, extracting relevant information calmly.
    • Engage emergency services or higher intervention when needed.
    • Operate independently, staying composed and disciplined under pressure.
    • Maintain accurate records of incidents and responses.
  • On an ongoing basis, review client care plans for key gaps or discrepancies, with the goal of ensuring that Care Pros are well prepared for the unique care need of each client
    • Generate recommendations for improvements based on your understanding of client conditions and care requirements
    • Collaborate with care teams to address plan gaps or challenges
  • Support client managers, Regional General Managers, and other key stakeholders with high care needs clients, and provide expert advice for optimal care.
    • Answer questions about Honor’s scope of care, and work with operating teams to determine how Honor might safely care for clients with complex care needs, as well as determine client fit for non-medical home care 
  • Build positive relationships and trust with clients, Care Pros, Owners, and daily operating teams
  • Adhere to non-medical service boundaries, involving appropriate resources.
  • Ability to adapt to change and learn new processes quickly
  • Exhibit keen attention to detail.

To succeed in this role, you'll have:

  • 3+ years in emergency services, clinics, nursing, or related healthcare.
  • RN or LVN qualification required.
  • Experience with elderly, ALF, SNF, MCU, or similar facilities; experience working with hospice clients preferred
  • Willingness to work flexible hours including weekends for 24/7 support.
  • Strong decision-making and emotional discipline.
  • Excellent communication skills and empathy.
  • Proficiency in workplace communication tools and Google Docs, Sheets, Slack.
  • Excellent time management skills; ability to triage multiple incidents concurrently.
  • Ability to assess situations quickly and prioritize effectively.
  • Knowledge in care plan assessment and improvement.
  • Comfortable with technology and a fast paced environment.