Headquarters: Switzerland

URL: https://www.phoenix-management.co/

Lead Onboarding Manager – PhoeniX Management

PhoeniX Management, a renowned social media management agency for creators, is looking for a dynamic individual to join our team as a Lead Onboarding Manager. This role serves as a linchpin within our organization, ensuring the seamless integration and transition of our creators into our agency’s ecosystem.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Creator Onboarding: Facilitate approximately 20 onboarding Zoom calls weekly, offering a warm welcome and guiding new creators through their initial stages with the agency.
  • Triage & Evaluation: Determine the potential of incoming creators and direct them to suitable departments following their onboarding.
  • Team Management: Oversee the virtual assistant teams, guaranteeing the maintenance of our agency’s high standards and tracking the progression of all onboarded talent through group chats.
  • Quality Assurance: Monitor the performance of the onboarding process, ensuring quality and efficiency when integrating new creators into our framework.
  • Branding Oversight: Oversee and refine creator profiles, ensuring they reflect the agency’s ethos and values. Initiate the creation of comprehensive profile documents post-interview to facilitate subsequent managerial processes.

  • Languages: Bilingual proficiency in English and Spanish is mandatory. Portuguese proficiency, even at a conversational level, will be a significant advantage.
  • People Skills: Exhibit a warm demeanor and the knack to relate to a varied audience.
  • Communication: Exceptional verbal and written communication skills are essential.
  • Appearance: Maintain a professional demeanor, given this role represents the initial interaction point for new creators.
  • Critical Thinking: Discerning judgment, anticipation of potential issues, and proactive problem-solving are critical.
  • Proactivity: A proactive mindset, continuously seeking areas of improvement and optimization.
  • Experience: Previous experience in a similar role will be viewed favorably, although it isn’t a strict prerequisite.

Compensation and Working Hours:
  • Working Hours: Monday to Friday, adhering to US office hours.
  • Weekly Commitment: 40 hours.
  • Salary: A fixed monthly salary of $4,000, disbursed biweekly.

Application Instructions:

To apply for this position, please send an e-mail with your CV, a cover letter detailing your suitability for the role, and a picture of your workspace setup to hiring@phoenix-management.co.

This position offers an unparalleled opportunity to significantly influence the early experiences of our creators, solidifying their relationship with our agency. If you resonate with this role, we eagerly await your application.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/phoenix-management-lead-onboarding-manager