Virtual Income Options for the Unemployed Worker

If you are currently unemployed or under-employed this article explores options for the potential virtual worker with capabilities, by searching online for ways to supplement or replace lost income.

Replacing a lost job is challenging.

No doubt the latest news is discouraging. It takes nearly one year to replace a lost job due to the recession. Are there alternative opportunities for income for the skilled job seeker well within their capabilities?

Of course, there are, and provided here are web search techniques for opportunities to assist the skilled worker in the exploration and obtainment of these virtual jobs.

Opportunities for self-employment

Consider the capabilities you have achieved in your career. What are your true passions regarding work? Think about becoming a virtual worker.

Virtual project contracts are available for those workers with demonstrable skills in web design, copywriting, authoring and document editing skills, technical project management or web authoring or design skills, and many other related skills.

By performing a targeted search using your skills and abilities, performing virtual tasks can provide income for the unemployed worker.

How to find virtual assignments

Start with Google and type: ‘virtual assistant,’ and Google returns the following: “About 8,330,000 results.” Eight-million three-hundred thousand results. That figure corresponds to over half of the USA’s 15- million people currently identified as unemployed.

By investigating virtual work, the possibility of impacting the unemployment rate could be realized in the near future.

Narrow and filter the search

For these search results to become relevant and manageable for an individual seeking virtual work, all of these sites will not include the specific skilled work you are capable of performing, but that is an effective and encouraging search result.

Here is a search strategy to acquire a list of meaningful links directly associated with your skills and abilities: Include specific skills and abilities in the search string on Google, and a more manageable list of links can be explored. Including your job title, city, and state will produce relevant search results.

The new search for targeted results

Try narrowing and filtering the search results down to the key skills and capabilities you possess. For example, include a role name like a project manager in the search field, an area in which you have specific skills.

Type: ‘virtual project manager.’ This returns: 11,300,000 results. To filter even more narrowly, type: ‘virtual medical project manager.’ Now we are getting more granular: 316,000 results.

For a refined regional-search type: ‘virtual medical project manager San Francisco California.’ This returns “80,300 results.”

Explore the options

Several web-based projects can be completed in one day, one week, or several months. You decide how much you want to be paid and contact the agency offering the work.

They will respond by asking for a sample of your work. Send them your best work directly related to the focus of their project. Offer links to websites that display your abilities.

Network with other virtual workers

Visit their blogs. Leave a question or comment there to begin interacting with an experienced virtual worker who can advise and mentor your success. Join and participate in LinkedIn groups and forums dedicated to virtual work.

What to do next

To get started visit our remote jobs board.

Social Media Options

Social Media is the new communications platform for customer interaction with businesses in America.

Visit Facebook and discover how companies are engaging with customers demanding relevant customer service for their satisfaction. Many other social media sites exist that can enhance your online reputation and spread the word about your skills and abilities.

Options for public speaking at conferences and trade shows related to your skills can be networking goldmines for future work.

Issues regarding working at home

Remember that virtual work entails embarking on a new work paradigm, most likely beginning in your home. Selecting an appropriate space for quietly conducting business will be key to successful home office work.

Have a meeting with family members to discuss what issues would impact the family’s lifestyle and needs for your time. Make sure to provide time for breaks and fun as you explore the opportunities to ‘hire yourself.’

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